Map of Rock Island Island County, Illinois - List of Cities & Location Map

Map of Rock Island Island County - Rock Island Island County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. Rock Island Island County Map showing cities, highways, important places and water bodies. Get Where is Rock Island Island County located in the map, major cities in Rock Island Island county, population, areas, and places of interest.

Rock Island Island County Map, Illinois

Map of Rock Island Island County, Illinois

About Rock Island Island County Map, Illinois: The map showing the county boundary, county seat, major cities, highways, water bodies and neighbouring counties.

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Map of Rock Island Island County, Illinois

Rock Island Island County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. It's county seat is Rock Island Island. As per 2020 census, the population of Rock Island Island County is 142909 people and population density is square miles. According to the United States Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 427 sq mi (1,106 km2). Rock Island Island County was established on 1831.

Rock Island Island County Facts

County InfoFacts
CountyRock Island Island County
County SeatRock Island Island
CountryUnited States
FIPS code161
Area427 sq mi (1,106 km2)
Formed / OriginJo Daviess County

Ctities in Rock Island county

City NameTypePopulation (2020)Pop. DensityAreaIncorporated
AndalusiaVillage1,1841,007.7/sq mi (389.1/km2)1.175 sq mi (3.04 km2) 
Carbon CliffVillage1,846881.1/sq mi (340.2/km2)2.095 sq mi (5.43 km2) 
CordovaVillage6711,169.0/sq mi (451.3/km2)0.574 sq mi (1.49 km2) 
East MolineCity21,3741,464.4/sq mi (565.4/km2)14.596 sq mi (37.8 km2) 
HamptonVillage1,7791,217.7/sq mi (470.1/km2)1.461 sq mi (3.78 km2) 
HillsdaleVillage417643.5/sq mi (248.5/km2)0.648 sq mi (1.68 km2) 
MilanVillage5,097815.0/sq mi (314.7/km2)6.254 sq mi (16.2 km2) 
MolineCity42,9852,565.8/sq mi (990.7/km2)16.753 sq mi (43.39 km2) 
Oak GroveVillage476723.4/sq mi (279.3/km2)0.658 sq mi (1.7 km2) 
Port ByronVillage1,668687.0/sq mi (265.2/km2)2.428 sq mi (6.29 km2) 
Rapids CityVillage964592.9/sq mi (228.9/km2)1.626 sq mi (4.21 km2) 
Rock Island IslandCity37,1082,199.4/sq mi (849.2/km2)16.872 sq mi (43.7 km2) 
SilvisCity8,0031,867.7/sq mi (721.1/km2)4.285 sq mi (11.1 km2) 
Coal ValleyVillage3,8731,244.5/sq mi (480.5/km2)3.112 sq mi (8.06 km2) 
ReynoldsVillage4981,353.3/sq mi (522.5/km2)0.368 sq mi (0.95 km2) 
Atkinson 7,087 11.2 sq mi1767
Auburn 5,946 25.2 sq mi1845
Brentwood 4,490 16.8 sq mi1742
Candia 4,013 30.3 sq mi1763
Chester 5,232 25.9 sq mi1722
Danville 4,408 11.7 sq mi1760
Deerfield 4,855 50.9 sq mi1766
Derry 34,317 35.6 sq mi1827
East Kingston 2,441 10 sq mi1738
Epping 7,125 26 sq mi1741
Exeter 16,049 19.6 sq mi1638
Fremont 4,739 17.2 sq mi1764
Greenland 4,067 10.5 sq mi1721
Hampstead 8,998 13.3 sq mi1749
Hampton 16,214 12.9 sq mi1639
Hampton Falls 2,403 12.2 sq mi1726
Kensington 2,095 11.9 sq mi1737
Kingston 6,202 19.7 sq mi1694
Londonderry 25,826 42 sq mi1722
New Castle 1,000 0.8 sq mi1693
Newfields 1,769 7 sq mi1849
Newington 811 8.2 sq mi1764
Newmarket 9,430 12.5 sq mi1727
Newton 4,820 9.9 sq mi1749
North Hampton 4,538 13.9 sq mi1742
Northwood 4,641 28 sq mi1773
Nottingham 5,229 46.5 sq mi1722
Plaistow 7,830 10.6 sq mi1749
Portsmouth 21,956 15.7 sq mi1631/1849
Raymond 10,684 28.8 sq mi1764
Rye 5,543 12.6 sq mi1726
Salem 30,089 24.7 sq mi1750
Sandown 6,548 13.9 sq mi1756
Seabrook 8,401 8.9 sq mi1768
South Hampton 894 7.9 sq mi1742
Stratham 7,669 15.1 sq mi1716
Windham 15,817 26.8 sq mi1742

Places to Visit in Rock Island

Top places to visit in london includes Quad City Botanical Center, Black Hawk State Historic Site, Schwiebert Riverfront Park, Rock Island Arsenal Museum.

Highways in Rock Island

Interstate 74, Interstate 80, Interstate 88, Interstate 280, U.S. Highway 6, U.S. Highway 67, U.S. Highway 150, Illinois Route 2, Illinois Route 5, Illinois Route 84, Illinois Route 92, Illinois Route 94, Illinois Route 110, Illinois Route 192.

Nearest Airports

Nearest airport of Rock Island is Moline International Airport (Quad City).