Madison County Map, Illinois

Map of Mason County - Mason County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. Mason County Map showing cities, highways, important places and water bodies. Get Where is Mason County located in the map, major cities in Mason county, population, areas, and places of interest.

Madison County Map, Illinois

Madison County Map, Illinois

About Mason County Map, Illinois: The map showing the county boundary, county seat, major cities, highways, water bodies and neighbouring counties.

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Madison County, Illinois

Madison County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. It's county seat is Edwardsville. As per 2020 census, the population of Madison County is 264490 people and population density is square miles. According to the United States Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 716 sq mi (1,854 km2). Madison County was established on 1812.

Madison County Facts

County InfoFacts
CountyMason County
County SeatHavana
CountryUnited States
FIPS code125
Area539 sq mi (1,396 km2)
Formed / OriginTazewell and Menard County

Ctities in Madison county

City NameTypePopulation (2020)Pop. DensityArea
PierronVillage459625.3/sq mi (241.4/km2)0.734 sq mi (1.9 km2)
AlhambraVillage622822.8/sq mi (317.7/km2)0.756 sq mi (1.96 km2)
AltonCity25,6761,637.4/sq mi (632.2/km2)15.681 sq mi (40.61 km2)
BethaltoVillage9,3101,226.5/sq mi (473.5/km2)7.591 sq mi (19.66 km2)
East AltonVillage5,7861,088.0/sq mi (420.1/km2)5.318 sq mi (13.77 km2)
EdwardsvilleCity26,8081,353.2/sq mi (522.5/km2)19.811 sq mi (51.31 km2)
Glen CarbonVillage13,8421,350.4/sq mi (521.4/km2)10.25 sq mi (26.55 km2)
GodfreyVillage17,825518.2/sq mi (200.1/km2)34.395 sq mi (89.08 km2)
Granite CityCity27,5491,448.1/sq mi (559.1/km2)19.024 sq mi (49.27 km2)
GrantforkVillage3411,011.9/sq mi (390.7/km2)0.337 sq mi (0.87 km2)
HamelVillage929780.7/sq mi (301.4/km2)1.19 sq mi (3.08 km2)
HartfordVillage1,185229.4/sq mi (88.6/km2)5.166 sq mi (13.38 km2)
HighlandCity9,9911,479.9/sq mi (571.4/km2)6.751 sq mi (17.49 km2)
LivingstonVillage763733.7/sq mi (283.3/km2)1.04 sq mi (2.69 km2)
MarineVillage9121,222.5/sq mi (472.0/km2)0.746 sq mi (1.93 km2)
MaryvilleVillage8,2211,448.4/sq mi (559.2/km2)5.676 sq mi (14.7 km2)
New DouglasVillage350334.0/sq mi (128.9/km2)1.048 sq mi (2.71 km2)
Pontoon BeachVillage5,876590.0/sq mi (227.8/km2)9.96 sq mi (25.8 km2)
RoxanaVillage1,454204.8/sq mi (79.1/km2)7.101 sq mi (18.39 km2)
St. JacobVillage1,3581,632.2/sq mi (630.2/km2)0.832 sq mi (2.15 km2)
South RoxanaVillage1,891876.3/sq mi (338.3/km2)2.158 sq mi (5.59 km2)
TroyCity10,9601,950.2/sq mi (753.0/km2)5.62 sq mi (14.56 km2)
VeniceCity1,498810.2/sq mi (312.8/km2)1.849 sq mi (4.79 km2)
WilliamsonVillage183156.3/sq mi (60.3/km2)1.171 sq mi (3.03 km2)
Wood RiverCity10,4641,500.2/sq mi (579.2/km2)6.975 sq mi (18.07 km2)
WordenVillage1,0961,537.2/sq mi (593.5/km2)0.713 sq mi (1.85 km2)
CollinsvilleCity24,3661,616.1/sq mi (624.0/km2)15.077 sq mi (39.05 km2)
MadisonCity3,171227.2/sq mi (87.7/km2)13.955 sq mi (36.14 km2)
Fairmont CityVillage2,265365.0/sq mi (140.9/km2)6.205 sq mi (16.07 km2)