Will County Map, Illinois

Map of Will County - Will County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. Will County Map showing cities, highways, important places and water bodies. Get Where is Will County located in the map, major cities in Will county, population, areas, and places of interest.

Will County Map, Illinois

Will County Map, Illinois

About Will County Map, Illinois: The map showing the county boundary, county seat, major cities, highways, water bodies and neighbouring counties.

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Will County, Illinois

Will County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. It's county seat is Joliet. As per 2020 census, the population of Will County is 697252 people and population density is square miles. According to the United States Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 835 sq mi (2,163 km2). Will County was established on 1836.

Will County Facts

County InfoFacts
CountyWill County
County SeatJoliet
CountryUnited States
FIPS code197
Area835 sq mi (2,163 km2)
Formed / OriginCook and Iroquois County

Ctities in Will county

City NameTypePopulation (2020)Pop. DensityArea
Orland ParkVillage58,7032,664.9/sq mi (1,028.9/km2)22.028 sq mi (57.05 km2)
Park ForestVillage21,6874,371.5/sq mi (1,687.8/km2)4.961 sq mi (12.85 km2)
StegerVillage9,5842,815.5/sq mi (1,087.1/km2)3.404 sq mi (8.82 km2)
Tinley ParkVillage55,9713,477.3/sq mi (1,342.6/km2)16.096 sq mi (41.69 km2)
NapervilleCity149,5403,826.8/sq mi (1,477.5/km2)39.077 sq mi (101.21 km2)
DiamondVillage2,6401,389.5/sq mi (536.5/km2)1.9 sq mi (4.92 km2)
MinookaVillage12,7581,356.5/sq mi (523.8/km2)9.405 sq mi (24.36 km2)
AuroraCity180,5424,010.0/sq mi (1,548.3/km2)45.023 sq mi (116.61 km2)
BeecherVillage4,7131,727.6/sq mi (667.0/km2)2.728 sq mi (7.07 km2)
BraidwoodCity6,1941,169.6/sq mi (451.6/km2)5.296 sq mi (13.72 km2)
Crest HillCity20,4592,260.2/sq mi (872.7/km2)9.052 sq mi (23.44 km2)
CreteVillage8,465899.7/sq mi (347.4/km2)9.409 sq mi (24.37 km2)
ElwoodVillage2,229163.4/sq mi (63.1/km2)13.641 sq mi (35.33 km2)
FrankfortVillage20,2961,285.5/sq mi (496.3/km2)15.788 sq mi (40.89 km2)
Homer GlenVillage24,5431,109.3/sq mi (428.3/km2)22.125 sq mi (57.3 km2)
LockportCity26,0942,263.1/sq mi (873.8/km2)11.53 sq mi (29.86 km2)
ManhattanVillage9,3851,404.7/sq mi (542.4/km2)6.681 sq mi (17.3 km2)
MokenaVillage19,8872,288.8/sq mi (883.7/km2)8.689 sq mi (22.5 km2)
MoneeVillage5,1281,146.7/sq mi (442.7/km2)4.472 sq mi (11.58 km2)
New LenoxVillage27,2141,731.0/sq mi (668.3/km2)15.722 sq mi (40.72 km2)
PeotoneVillage4,1502,074.0/sq mi (800.8/km2)2.001 sq mi (5.18 km2)
PlainfieldVillage44,7621,810.6/sq mi (699.1/km2)24.722 sq mi (64.03 km2)
RockdaleVillage2,0121,425.9/sq mi (550.6/km2)1.411 sq mi (3.65 km2)
RomeovilleVillage39,8632,089.9/sq mi (806.9/km2)19.074 sq mi (49.4 km2)
ShorewoodVillage18,1862,253.8/sq mi (870.2/km2)8.069 sq mi (20.9 km2)
SymertonVillage128815.3/sq mi (314.8/km2)0.157 sq mi (0.41 km2)
WilmingtonCity5,664410.3/sq mi (158.4/km2)13.803 sq mi (35.75 km2)
BolingbrookVillage73,9222,975.3/sq mi (1,148.8/km2)24.845 sq mi (64.35 km2)
ChannahonVillage13,383856.7/sq mi (330.8/km2)15.622 sq mi (40.46 km2)
GodleyVillage566522.6/sq mi (201.8/km2)1.083 sq mi (2.8 km2)
JolietCity150,3622,330.6/sq mi (899.9/km2)64.516 sq mi (167.1 km2)
BushVillage241529.7/sq mi (204.5/km2)0.455 sq mi (1.18 km2)
CambriaVillage1,5051,063.6/sq mi (410.7/km2)1.415 sq mi (3.66 km2)
CartervilleCity5,8481,110.5/sq mi (428.8/km2)5.266 sq mi (13.64 km2)
ColpVillage1681,253.7/sq mi (484.1/km2)0.134 sq mi (0.35 km2)
CrainvilleVillage1,443873.0/sq mi (337.1/km2)1.653 sq mi (4.28 km2)
Creal SpringsCity505491.7/sq mi (189.9/km2)1.027 sq mi (2.66 km2)
EnergyVillage974815.7/sq mi (315.0/km2)1.194 sq mi (3.09 km2)
HerrinCity12,3521,277.0/sq mi (493.0/km2)9.673 sq mi (25.05 km2)
HurstCity764861.3/sq mi (332.6/km2)0.887 sq mi (2.3 km2)
Johnston CityCity3,3841,599.2/sq mi (617.5/km2)2.116 sq mi (5.48 km2)
MarionCity16,8551,171.1/sq mi (452.2/km2)14.392 sq mi (37.28 km2)
PittsburgVillage565273.6/sq mi (105.6/km2)2.065 sq mi (5.35 km2)
SpillertownVillage181563.9/sq mi (217.7/km2)0.321 sq mi (0.83 km2)
Freeman SpurVillage268671.7/sq mi (259.3/km2)0.399 sq mi (1.03 km2)
StonefortVillage224154.1/sq mi (59.5/km2)1.454 sq mi (3.77 km2)