Ventura County Map, California

Map of Ventura County - Ventura County is a county located in the U.S. state of California. Ventura County Map showing cities, highways, important places and water bodies. Get Where is Ventura County located in the map, major cities in Ventura county, population, areas, and places of interest.

Ventura County Map, California, USA

Map of Ventura County, California

About Ventura County Map, California: The map showing the county boundary, county seat, major cities, highways, water bodies and neighbouring counties.

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  • About Ventura County, California

    Ventura County is a county located in the southern part of the state of California, United States. The county seat and largest city is Ventura. According to the United States Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 2,208 square miles (5,722 km²), of which 1,843 square miles (4,774 km²) is land and 365 square miles (948 km²) (16.5%) is water.

    As of the 2020 United States Census, the population of Ventura County was 846,006. Ventura County was established on 1872. The county is known for its beautiful beaches, including Ventura Beach, Surfer's Point, and Silver Strand Beach. The area is also known for its agriculture, with crops such as strawberries, lemons, and avocados being among the top products grown in the area.

    Major cities and towns in Ventura County include Ventura, Oxnard, and Thousand Oaks. The county is bordered by Santa Barbara County to the north, Kern County to the northeast, Los Angeles County to the east and southeast, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The western part of the county is home to Channel Islands National Park, a popular destination for hiking, kayaking, and whale watching.

    Ventura County Facts

    County InfoFacts
    CountyVentura County
    County SeatVentura
    CountryUnited States
    FIPS code111
    Area1,846 sq mi (4,781 km2)
    Formed / OriginSanta Barbara

    Ctities in Ventura county County

    City NameTypePopulation (2020)Pop. DensityAreaIncorporated
    CamarilloCity70,7413,592.7/sq mi (1,387.2/km2)19.69 sq mi (51 km2)March 28, 1964
    FillmoreCity16,4194,975.5/sq mi (1,921.0/km2)3.3 sq mi (8.5 km2)July 10, 1914
    MoorparkCity36,2842,954.7/sq mi (1,140.8/km2)12.28 sq mi (31.8 km2)July 1, 1983
    OjaiCity7,6371,751.6/sq mi (676.3/km2)4.36 sq mi (11.3 km2)August 5, 1921
    OxnardCity202,0637,616.4/sq mi (2,940.7/km2)26.53 sq mi (68.7 km2)June 30, 1903
    Port HuenemeCity21,9544,967.0/sq mi (1,917.8/km2)4.42 sq mi (11.4 km2)March 24, 1948
    Santa PaulaCity30,6575,543.8/sq mi (2,140.5/km2)5.53 sq mi (14.3 km2)April 22, 1902
    Simi ValleyCity126,3563,041.1/sq mi (1,174.2/km2)41.55 sq mi (107.6 km2)October 10, 1969
    Thousand OaksCity126,9662,297.6/sq mi (887.1/km2)55.26 sq mi (143.1 km2)October 7, 1964
    VenturaCity110,7635,060.0/sq mi (1,953.7/km2)21.89 sq mi (56.7 km2)April 2, 1866

    Places to Visit in Ventura County

    Top places to visit in Ventura includes Mission Basilica San, Ventura Botanical Gardens, Surfers Point at Seaside Park, Marina Park, San Buenaventura.

    Highways in Ventura County

    U.S. Route 101, State Route 1, State Route 23, State Route 33, State Route 34, State Route 11, State Route 126, State Route 150, State Route 232, State Route 257.

    Nearest Airports

    Nearest airport of Ventura is Oxnard Airport, Camarillo Airport.