Santa Clara County Map, California

Map of Santa Clara County - Santa Clara County is a county located in the U.S. state of California. Santa Clara County Map showing cities, highways, important places and water bodies. Get Where is Santa Clara County located in the map, major cities in Santa Clara county, population, areas, and places of interest.

Santa Clara County Map, California, USA

Map of Santa Clara County, California

About Santa Clara County Map, California: The map showing the county boundary, county seat, major cities, highways, water bodies and neighbouring counties.

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  • About Santa Clara County, California

    Santa Clara County is a county located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, with its county seat in the city of San Jose. The county has an estimated population of over 1.9 million people as of 2021, making it the sixth most populous county in California. According to the United States Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,291 sq mi (3,344 km2). Santa Clara County was established on 1850.

    Santa Clara County is known for its diverse economy, driven by a mix of industries including technology, healthcare, and education. The county is home to several major technology companies, including Apple, Google, and Facebook. Additionally, Santa Clara County is home to several prestigious universities and colleges, including Stanford University and Santa Clara University.

    The county is also known for its natural beauty, with scenic parks, hiking trails, and historic landmarks. Some of the popular destinations in the county include the Winchester Mystery House, the Santa Clara Valley wine region, and the Tech Museum of Innovation.

    Santa Clara County has a high quality of life, with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and social justice. The county has implemented several initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting clean energy, and improving public transportation. The county is also committed to addressing issues of equity and inclusion, with a focus on providing access to education and healthcare for all residents.

    Overall, Santa Clara County offers a diverse and thriving economy, natural beauty, and a strong commitment to sustainability and social justice, making it a desirable place to live and work.

    Santa Clara County Facts

    County InfoFacts
    CountySanta Clara County
    County SeatSan Jose
    CountryUnited States
    FIPS code85
    Area1,291 sq mi (3,344 km2)
    Formed / Originoriginal

    Ctities and Towns in Santa Clar County

    City NameTypePopulation (2020)Pop. DensityAreaIncorporated
    CampbellCity43,9597,230.1/sq mi (2,791.6/km2)6.08 sq mi (15.7 km2)March 28, 1952
    CupertinoCity60,3815,329.3/sq mi (2,057.7/km2)11.33 sq mi (29.3 km2)October 10, 1955
    GilroyCity59,5203,598.5/sq mi (1,389.4/km2)16.54 sq mi (42.8 km2)March 12, 1870
    Los AltosCity31,6254,835.6/sq mi (1,867.0/km2)6.54 sq mi (16.9 km2)December 1, 1952
    Los Altos HillsTown8,489940.1/sq mi (363.0/km2)9.03 sq mi (23.4 km2)January 27, 1956
    Los GatosTown33,5292,902.9/sq mi (1,120.8/km2)11.55 sq mi (29.9 km2)August 10, 1887
    MilpitasCity80,2735,955.0/sq mi (2,299.2/km2)13.48 sq mi (34.9 km2)January 26, 1954
    Monte SerenoCity3,4792,134.4/sq mi (824.1/km2)1.63 sq mi (4.2 km2)May 14, 1957
    Morgan HillCity45,4833,514.9/sq mi (1,357.1/km2)12.94 sq mi (33.5 km2)November 10, 1906
    Mountain ViewCity82,3766,887.6/sq mi (2,659.3/km2)11.96 sq mi (31 km2)November 7, 1902
    Palo AltoCity68,5722,845.3/sq mi (1,098.6/km2)24.1 sq mi (62.4 km2)April 23, 1894
    San JoseCity1,013,2405,684.1/sq mi (2,194.6/km2)178.26 sq mi (461.7 km2)March 27, 1850
    Santa ClaraCity127,6476,982.9/sq mi (2,696.1/km2)18.28 sq mi (47.3 km2)July 5, 1852
    SaratogaCity31,0512,429.7/sq mi (938.1/km2)12.78 sq mi (33.1 km2)October 22, 1956
    SunnyvaleCity155,8057,062.8/sq mi (2,727.0/km2)22.06 sq mi (57.1 km2)December 24, 1912

    Places to Visit in Santa Clar County

    Top places to visit in Santa Clara includes Levi's Stadium, Triton Museum of Art, Ulistac Natural Area, Rivermark Village, Montague Park, Anderson Lake County Park, Municipal Rose Garden, South Bay Shores, Santa Clara Central Park, Alum Rock Park, Baylands Park.

    Highways in Santa Clar County

    Interstate 280, Interstate 680, Interstate 880, U.S. Route 101, State Route 9, State Route 17, State Route 25, State Route 35, State Route 82, State Route 85, State Route 87, State Route 130, State Route 152, State Route 156, State Route 237.

    Nearest Airports

    Nearest airport of Santa Clar is San Jose (SJC) Airport.