Map of Solano County, California - Cities, Where is Located?

Map of Solano County - Solano County is a county located in the U.S. state of California. Solano County Map showing cities, highways, important places and water bodies. Get Where is Solano County located in the map, major cities in Solano county, population, areas, and places of interest.

Solano County Map, California

Map of Solano County, California

About Solano County Map, California: The map showing the county boundary, county seat, major cities, highways, water bodies and neighbouring counties.

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  • Map of Solano County, California

    Trinity County is a county located in the U.S. state of California. It`s county seat is Weaverville. As per 2020 census, the population of Trinity County was 16060 and population density of Trinity was square miles. According to the United States Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 3,179 sq mi (8,234 km2). Trinity County was established on 1850.

    Solano County Facts

    County InfoFacts
    CountySolano County
    County SeatFairfield
    CountryUnited States
    FIPS code95
    Area828 sq mi (2,145 km2)
    Formed / Originoriginal

    Ctities and Towns in Solano

    City NameTypePopulation (2020)Pop. DensityAreaIncorporated
    BeniciaCity27,1312,118.0/sq mi (817.7/km2)12.81 sq mi (33.2 km2)March 27, 1850
    DixonCity18,9882,674.4/sq mi (1,032.6/km2)7.1 sq mi (18.4 km2)March 30, 1878
    FairfieldCity119,8812,882.4/sq mi (1,112.9/km2)41.59 sq mi (107.7 km2)December 12, 1903
    Rio VistaCity10,0051,515.9/sq mi (585.3/km2)6.6 sq mi (17.1 km2)January 6, 1894
    Suisun CityCity29,5187,361.1/sq mi (2,842.1/km2)4.01 sq mi (10.4 km2)October 9, 1868
    VacavilleCity102,3863,427.7/sq mi (1,323.5/km2)29.87 sq mi (77.4 km2)August 9, 1892
    VallejoCity126,0904,145.0/sq mi (1,600.4/km2)30.42 sq mi (78.8 km2)March 30, 1868