Jefferson County Map, Florida

Map of Jefferson County - Jefferson County is a county located in the U.S. state of Florida. Jefferson County Map showing cities, highways, important places and water bodies. Get Where is Jefferson County located in the map, major cities in Jefferson county, population, areas, and places of interest.

Map of Jefferson County, Florida

Map of Jefferson County, Florida

About Jefferson County Map, Florida: The map showing the county boundary, county seat, major cities, highways, water bodies and neighbouring counties.

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  • About Jefferson County, Florida

    Jefferson County is a county located in the U.S. state of Florida. It's county seat is Monticello. As per 2020 census, the population of Jefferson County is 14555 people and population density is 24.34 square miles. According to the United States Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 598 sq mi (1,549 km2). Jefferson County was established on 1827.

    Jefferson County Facts

    County InfoFacts
    CountyJefferson County
    County SeatMonticello
    CountryUnited States
    FIPS code65
    Area598 sq mi (1,549 km2)
    Formed / OriginLeon

    Ctities in Jefferson county

    City NameTypePopulation (2020)Pop. DensityAreaIncorporated
    County LineTown311320.6/sq mi (123.8/km2)0.97 sq mi (2.5 km2) 
    MonticelloCity2,589 3.4 sq mi (8.8 km2)1859
    AdamsvilleCity4,366173.7/sq mi (67.1/km2)25.13 sq mi (65.1 km2) 
    BessemerCity26,019652.9/sq mi (252.1/km2)39.85 sq mi (103.2 km2) 
    BrightonCity2,3371,645.8/sq mi (635.4/km2)1.42 sq mi (3.7 km2) 
    BrooksideTown1,253195.8/sq mi (75.6/km2)6.4 sq mi (16.6 km2) 
    CardiffTown52208.0/sq mi (80.3/km2)0.25 sq mi (0.65 km2) 
    Center PointCity16,4062,680.7/sq mi (1,035.0/km2)6.12 sq mi (15.9 km2) 
    ClayCity10,2911,036.4/sq mi (400.1/km2)9.93 sq mi (25.7 km2) 
    FairfieldCity10,0002,881.8/sq mi (1,112.7/km2)3.47 sq mi (9 km2) 
    FultondaleCity9,876809.5/sq mi (312.6/km2)12.2 sq mi (31.6 km2) 
    GardendaleCity16,044711.5/sq mi (274.7/km2)22.55 sq mi (58.4 km2) 
    GraysvilleCity1,950115.2/sq mi (44.5/km2)16.92 sq mi (43.8 km2) 
    HomewoodCity26,4143,159.6/sq mi (1,219.9/km2)8.36 sq mi (21.7 km2) 
    HueytownCity16,776862.5/sq mi (333.0/km2)19.45 sq mi (50.4 km2) 
    IrondaleCity13,497779.7/sq mi (301.1/km2)17.31 sq mi (44.8 km2) 
    KimberlyCity3,841656.6/sq mi (253.5/km2)5.85 sq mi (15.2 km2) 
    LipscombCity2,0861,782.9/sq mi (688.4/km2)1.17 sq mi (3 km2) 
    MaytownTown316117.9/sq mi (45.5/km2)2.68 sq mi (6.9 km2) 
    MidfieldCity5,2111,966.4/sq mi (759.2/km2)2.65 sq mi (6.9 km2) 
    MorrisTown2,259745.5/sq mi (287.9/km2)3.03 sq mi (7.8 km2) 
    Mountain BrookCity22,4611,756.1/sq mi (678.0/km2)12.79 sq mi (33.1 km2) 
    MulgaTown7841,264.5/sq mi (488.2/km2)0.62 sq mi (1.6 km2) 
    North JohnsTown127635.0/sq mi (245.2/km2)0.2 sq mi (0.52 km2) 
    PinsonCity7,215714.4/sq mi (275.8/km2)10.1 sq mi (26.2 km2) 
    Pleasant GroveCity9,544965.0/sq mi (372.6/km2)9.89 sq mi (25.6 km2) 
    Sylvan SpringsTown1,653190.2/sq mi (73.4/km2)8.69 sq mi (22.5 km2) 
    TarrantCity6,124962.9/sq mi (371.8/km2)6.36 sq mi (16.5 km2) 
    TraffordTown613251.2/sq mi (97.0/km2)2.44 sq mi (6.3 km2) 
    West JeffersonTown417448.4/sq mi (173.1/km2)0.93 sq mi (2.4 km2) 
    WarriorCity3,224330.0/sq mi (127.4/km2)9.77 sq mi (25.3 km2) 
    BirminghamCity200,7331,374.2/sq mi (530.6/km2)146.07 sq mi (378.3 km2) 
    HooverCity92,6061,963.7/sq mi (758.2/km2)47.16 sq mi (122.1 km2) 
    Vestavia HillsCity39,1022,014.5/sq mi (777.8/km2)19.41 sq mi (50.3 km2) 
    TrussvilleCity26,123790.9/sq mi (305.4/km2)33.03 sq mi (85.5 km2) 
    LeedsCity12,324539.1/sq mi (208.2/km2)22.86 sq mi (59.2 km2) 
    HelenaCity20,9141,027.7/sq mi (396.8/km2)20.35 sq mi (52.7 km2) 
    ArgoTown4,368405.6/sq mi (156.6/km2)10.77 sq mi (27.9 km2) 
    SumitonCity2,444468.2/sq mi (180.8/km2)5.22 sq mi (13.5 km2)

    Places to Visit in Jefferson County

    Top places to visit in Aucilla Wildlife Management, Letchworth-Love Mounds, Monticello Ecological Park, Lake Miccosukee, Wacissa River, Monticello Vineyards , .

    Highways in Jefferson

    Interstate 10, US 19, US 27, SR 59, US 90, US 221, CR 259.