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Where is Beijing Located

As shown in the given map that Beijing is located in the north-east region of China.

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Location of Beijing in China
Beijing is the capital city of China. It is also known as Peking. It has the special status of municipality and directly governed by central government. The literal meaning of Beijing is "Northern Capital".
Furthermore, Beijing is divided into fourteen urban and suburban districts along with two rural counties. Beijing is one of the center points of the country especially in terms of transportation; it is the junction point of numerous railways, roads and motorways along with major international airport. It is important historically as well and it is recognized as the political, educational, and cultural center China.
Specifically, it is known for its magnificent palaces, superbly designed temples, and huge stone walls and gates. Above all, its art treasures and universities have facilitated the city as the centre of culture and art in China.

Beijing Facts

Country: China
Location: North-eastern region of China
Area (Municipality): 16,801.25 km2
Postal code: 100000 - 102629
Area code: 10
Climate: Humid Continental