List of Tanzania Regions and Capitals

Tanzania is divided into 31 regions, which are further divided into districts. Here is a list of the 31 regions of Tanzania as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021:

Tanzania Regions and Capitals Map

RegionCapitalArea (km2)Population
Arusha RegionArusha37,576 km2 (14,508 sq mi)2,356,255
Dar es Salaam RegionDar es Salaam1,393 km2 (538 sq mi)5,383,728
Dodoma RegionDodoma41,311 km2 (15,950 sq mi)3,085,625
Geita RegionGeita20,054 km2 (7,743 sq mi)2,977,608
Iringa RegionIringa35,503 km2 (13,708 sq mi)1,192,728
Kagera RegionBukoba25,265 km2 (9,755 sq mi)2,989,299
Katavi RegionMpanda45,843 km2 (17,700 sq mi)1,152,958
Kigoma RegionKigoma25,265 km2 (9,755 sq mi)2,470,967
Kilimanjaro RegionMoshi13,250 km2 (5,120 sq mi)1,861,934
Lindi RegionLindi66,669 km2 (25,741 sq mi)1,194,028
Manyara RegionBabati44,522 km2 (17,190 sq mi)1,892,502
Mara RegionMusoma21,760 km2 (8,400 sq mi)2,372,015
Mbeya RegionMbeya35,954 km2 (13,882 sq mi)2,343,754
Mjini Magharibi Region (Zanzibar Urban West)Zanzibar City230 km2 (89 sq mi)893,169
Morogoro RegionMorogoro70,624 km2 (27,268 sq mi)3,197,104
Mtwara RegionMtwara16,710 km2 (6,450 sq mi)1,634,947
Mwanza RegionMwanza9,467 km2 (3,655 sq mi)3,699,872
Njombe RegionNjombe21,347 km2 (8,242 sq mi)889,946
Pemba North RegionWete574 km2 (222 sq mi)272,091
Pemba South RegionChake-Chake332 km2 (128 sq mi)271,350
Pwani RegionKibaha32,547 km2 (12,566 sq mi)2,024,947
Rukwa RegionSumbawanga22,792 km2 (8,800 sq mi)1,540,519
Ruvuma RegionSongea63,669 km2 (24,583 sq mi)1,848,794
Shinyanga RegionShinyanga18,901 km2 (7,298 sq mi)2,241,299
Simiyu RegionBariadi25,212 km2 (9,734 sq mi)2,140,497
Singida RegionSingida49,340 km2 (19,050 sq mi)2,008,058
Songwe RegionVwawa27,656 km2 (10,678 sq mi)1,344,687
Tabora RegionTabora76,151 km2 (29,402 sq mi)3,391,679
Tanga RegionTanga26,667 km2 (10,296 sq mi)2,615,597
Unguja North Region (Zanzibar North)Mkokotoni470 km2 (180 sq mi)257,290
Unguja South Region (Zanzibar South)Koani854 km2 (330 sq mi)195,873

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