List of Lithuania Counties and Capitals - Counties of Lithuania

Lithuania is divided into 10 counties, which are

Lithuania Counties and Capitals Map

County CapitalArea in km2 Population Pop. density (per km2)
Alytus County Alytus5,418 (6)142,00025
Kaunas County )Kaunas8,086 (3)594,00070
Klaipėda County Klaipėda5,222 (7)333,00061
Marijampolė CountyMarijampolė4,466 (8)129,00031
Panevėžys County Panevėžys7,878 (4)204,00027
Šiauliai County Šiauliai8,537 (2)274,00031
Tauragė County Tauragė4,349 (9)100,00021
Telšiai County Telšiai4,350 (10)147,00030
Utena County Utena7,191 (5)142,00018
Vilnius County Vilnius9,730 (1)837,00084

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