List of Romania Județe and Capitals | Counties of Romania

Romania is divided into 41 counties, called județe in Romanian. Each county is further divided into municipalities, towns, and communes. The counties have their own local governments, which are responsible for a variety of regional services, such as healthcare, education, transportation, and economic development.

Romania Județe and Capitals Map

RegionISO code Postal code Area code Population Area
CenterAB5158342,3766,250 km2 (2,410 sq mi)
WestAR3157430,6297,746 km2 (2,991 sq mi)
South-MunteniaAG1148612,4316,822 km2 (2,634 sq mi)
North-EastBC6034616,1686,622 km2 (2,557 sq mi)
North-WestBH4159575,3987,539 km2 (2,911 sq mi)
North-WestBN4263286,2255,358 km2 (2,069 sq mi)
North-EastBT7131412,6264,987 km2 (1,925 sq mi)
CenterBV5068549,2175,361 km2 (2,070 sq mi)
South-EastBR8139321,2124,766 km2 (1,840 sq mi)
Bucharest-IlfovB01-06 1x 1,883,425240 km2 (93 sq mi)
South-EastBZ1238451,0696,101 km2 (2,356 sq mi)
WestCS3255295,5798,532 km2 (3,294 sq mi)
South-MunteniaCL9142306,6915,087 km2 (1,964 sq mi)
North-WestCJ4064691,1066,672 km2 (2,576 sq mi)
South-EastCT9041684,0827,104 km2 (2,743 sq mi)
CenterCV5267210,1773,707 km2 (1,431 sq mi)
South-MunteniaDB1345518,7454,056 km2 (1,566 sq mi)
South-West OlteniaDJ2051660,5447,425 km2 (2,867 sq mi)
South-EastGL8036536,1674,465 km2 (1,724 sq mi)
South-MunteniaGR846281,4223,544 km2 (1,368 sq mi)
South-West OlteniaGJ2153341,5945,572 km2 (2,151 sq mi)
CenterHR5366310,8676,637 km2 (2,563 sq mi)
WestHD3354418,5657,072 km2 (2,731 sq mi)
South-MunteniaIL9243274,1484,455 km2 (1,720 sq mi)
North-EastIS7032772,3485,477 km2 (2,115 sq mi)
Bucharest-IlfovIF71x 388,7381,564 km2 (604 sq mi)
North-WestMM4362478,6596,303 km2 (2,434 sq mi)
South-West OlteniaMH2252265,3904,942 km2 (1,908 sq mi)
CenterMS5465550,8466,705 km2 (2,589 sq mi)
North-EastNT6133470,7665,897 km2 (2,277 sq mi)
South-West OlteniaOT2349436,4005,503 km2 (2,125 sq mi)
South-MunteniaPH1044762,8864,715 km2 (1,820 sq mi)
North-WestSM4461344,3604,420 km2 (1,710 sq mi)
North-WestSJ4560224,3843,867 km2 (1,493 sq mi)
CenterSB5569397,3225,432 km2 (2,097 sq mi)
North-EastSV7230634,8108,553 km2 (3,302 sq mi)
South-MunteniaTR1447380,1235,788 km2 (2,235 sq mi)
WestTM3056683,5408,692 km2 (3,356 sq mi)
South-EastTL8240213,0838,484 km2 (3,276 sq mi)
North-EastVS7335395,4995,317 km2 (2,053 sq mi)
South-West OlteniaVL2450371,7145,764 km2 (2,225 sq mi)
South-EastVN6237340,3104,854 km2 (1,874 sq mi)

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