List of Barbados Parishes and Capitals - Parishes in Barbados

Barbados is divided into 11 parishes, which are administrative divisions similar to counties or districts. Each parish has its own distinct characteristics and attractions. Here are the names of the parishes in Barbados:

Barbados Parishes and Capitals Map

ParishesCapitalLand areaPopulation Density
Christ ChurchOistins57 km2 (22 sq mi)54,336953.3/km2
St. AndrewGreenland36 km2 (14 sq mi)5,139142.8/km2
St. GeorgeBulkeley44 km2 (17 sq mi)19,767449.3/km2
St. JamesHoletown31 km2 (12 sq mi)28,498449.3/km2
St. JohnFour Roads34 km2 (13 sq mi)8,963263.6/km2
St. JosephBathsheba26 km2 (10 sq mi)6,620254.6/km2
St. LucyCrab Hill36 km2 (14 sq mi)9,758271.1/km2
St. MichaelBridgetown39 km2 (15 sq mi)88,5292,270.0/km2
St. PeterSpeightstown34 km2 (13 sq mi)11,300332.4/km2
St. PhilipSix Roads60 km2 (23 sq mi)30,662511.0/km2
St. ThomasHillaby34 km2 (13 sq mi)14,249419.1/km2

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