List of North Macedonia Municipalities and Capitals

North Macedonia is divided into municipalities. There are 80 municipalities in North Macedonia, each of which has its own local government and is responsible for providing a range of services to its residents, such as waste management, local infrastructure, and public transportation.

North Macedonia Municipalities and Capitals Map

MunicipalityArea (km2) Population
Eastern Statistical Region 3,539150,234
Berovo 59710,890
Češinovo 1335,471
Delčevo 42313,585
Karbinci 2313,420
Kočani 35731,602
Makedonska Kamenica 1896,439
Pehčevo 2083,983
Probištip 32613,417
Štip 58344,866
Vinica 43214,475
Zrnovci 522,086
Northeastern 2,306152,982

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