List of Belize Districts and Capitals - Districts in Belize

Belize is divided into six districts, which are the primary administrative divisions of the country. Each district has its own distinct characteristics and attractions. Here are the names of the districts in Belize:

Belize Districts and Capitals Map

DistrictCapitalArea(Km2)Population Population density
BelizeBelize City4,310 km2 (1,663 sq mi)124,09628.8/km2 (74.6/sq mi)
CayoSan Ignacio5,200 km2 (2,006 sq mi)99,11819.1/km2 (49.4/sq mi)
CorozalCorozal Town1,860 km2 (718 sq mi)49,44626.6/km2 (68.9/sq mi)
Orange WalkOrange Walk Town4,600 km2 (1,790 sq mi)52,55011.3/km2 (29.4/sq mi)
Stann CreekDangriga2,550 km2 (986 sq mi)44,72017.5/km2 (45.4/sq mi)
ToledoPunta Gorda4,410 km2 (1,704 sq mi)38,5578.7/km2 (22.6/sq mi)

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