List of Turkmenistan Districts and Capitals

Turkmenistan is divided into administrative divisions called "welayatlar" or provinces. There are five provinces and one independent city in Turkmenistan. Here is a list of the provinces and the independent city:

Turkmenistan Districts and Capitals Map

DistrictsArea km2Population
Ashgabat260 km2 (100 sq mi)730,000
Ahal Districts97,260 km2 (37,550 sq mi)785,800
Balkan Districts139,300 km2 (53,800 sq mi)479,500
Da┼čoguz Districts73,400 km2 (28,300 sq mi)1,196,700
Lebap Districts93,700 km2 (36,200 sq mi)1,160,300
Mary Districts87,200 km2 (33,700 sq mi)1,287,700

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