List of Saint Lucia Districts and Capitals - Districts in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is not officially divided into districts. Instead, it is divided into 11 quarters, which are administrative divisions within the country. Here is a list of the quarters in Saint Lucia:

Saint Lucia Districts and Capitals Map

DistrictPopulation Land Area km2Population density km2
Anse la Raye6,06037.6 km2 (14.52 sq mi)161 per km2, 417 per mi2
Canaries2,04424.3 km2 (9.38 sq mi)84 per km2, 218 per mi2
Castries[7]65,656102.7 km2 (39.65 sq mi)639 per km2, 1,656 per mi2
Choiseul6,12825.9 km2 (10.00 sq mi)237 per km2, 612 per mi2
Dennery12,76772.3 km2 (27.93 sq mi)177 per km2, 457 per mi2
Gros Islet20,872100.3 km2 (38.73 sq mi)208 per km2, 539 per mi2
Laborie7,36333.8 km2 (13.05 sq mi)218 per km2, 564 per mi2
Micoud16,284112.1 km2 (43.29 sq mi)145 per km2, 376 per mi2
Soufrière7,65758.4 km2 (22.55 sq mi)131 per km2, 340 per mi2
Vieux Fort14,75449.8 km2 (19.22 sq mi)296 per km2, 768 per mi2
Saint Lucia165,596617.00 km2 (238.23 sq mi)268 per km2, 695 per mi2

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