List of Liberia Counties and Capitals

Liberia is a country located on the west coast of Africa. It is divided into 15 counties, each with its own administrative structure. Here are the counties of Liberia:

Liberia Counties and Capitals Map

CountyCapitalPopulation Area (mi2)
BomiTubmanburg82,036749 sq mi (1,940 km2)
BongGbarnga328,9193,386 sq mi (8,770 km2)
GbarpoluBopolu83,7583,740 sq mi (9,700 km2)
Grand BassaBuchanan224,8393,064 sq mi (7,940 km2)
Grand Cape MountRobertsport129,0551,993 sq mi (5,160 km2)
Grand GedehZwedru126,1464,047 sq mi (10,480 km2)
Grand KruBarclayville57,1061,503 sq mi (3,890 km2)
LofaVoinjama270,1143,854 sq mi (9,980 km2)
MargibiKakata199,6891,010 sq mi (2,600 km2)
MarylandHarper136,404886 sq mi (2,290 km2)
MontserradoBensonville1,144,806737 sq mi (1,910 km2)
NimbaSanniquellie468,0884,459 sq mi (11,550 km2)
RivercessRiver Cess65,8622,159 sq mi (5,590 km2)
River GeeFish Town67,3181,974 sq mi (5,110 km2)
SinoeGreenville104,9323,913 sq mi (10,130 km2)

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