List of Seychelles Districts and Capitals

Seychelles is an archipelago country located in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa. It is divided into 26 administrative districts, which are further grouped into five administrative regions. Here are the districts of Seychelles:

Seychelles Districts and Capitals Map

DistrictCapitalArea(km2)  PopulationRegion
Mahe IslandsMahe Islands1636378,333 
Anse aux PinsAnse Aux Pins20.853,673East Mahé
Anse BoileauAnse Boileau124.64,183West Mahé
Anse EtoileAnse Etoile62.25,018North Mahé
Au CapLa Plaine St. André?93.43,743East Mahé
Anse RoyaleAnse Royale72.53,818South Mahé
Baie LazareBaie Lazare124.73,227South Mahé
Beau VallonBeau Vallon41.74,142North Mahé
Bel AirBel Air51.83,015Greater Victoria
Bel OmbreBel Ombre93.64,163West Mahé
Cascadecapital1044,088East Mahé
Glaciscapital72.74,157North Mahé
Grand'AnseGrand'Anse155.92,842West Mahé
English RiverEnglish River20.664,252Greater Victoria
Mont BuxtonMont Buxton10.463,173Greater Victoria
Mont FleuriMont Fleuri62.43,966Greater Victoria
PlaisancePlaisance31.33,690Greater Victoria
Pointe La RuePointe La Rue41.53,245East Mahé
Port GlaudPort Glaud2911.12,378West Mahé
Saint LouisSaint Louis10.423,436Greater Victoria
TakamakaTakamaka145.62,580South Mahé
Les MamellesLes Mamelles20.692,537Greater Victoria
Roche CaïmanRoche Caïman10.462,893Greater Victoria
Praslin Islands[citation needed]Praslin Islands4216.37,682 
Baie Sainte AnneAnse Volbert259.73,626Inner Islands
Grand'Anse PraslinGrand Anse145.64,056Inner Islands
La Digue Islands[citation needed]La Digue Islands4216.13,506 
La Digue and Inner IslandsLa Passe4216.13,506Inner Islands
Outer IslandsVictoria, Seychelles21281.8503 
Outer Islands(Coëtivy)21281.8503Outer Islands
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