List of Laos Provinces and Capitals

Laos is divided into 17 provinces (khoueng) and one capital city. Here are the provinces and the capital city of Laos:

Laos Provinces and Capitals Map

ProvincesCapitalPopulation Area (km2)Population densityISO
Attapeu provinceSamakkhixay District (Attapeu)153,00010,32014LA-AT
Bokeo provinceHouayxay District (Ban Houayxay)198,0006,19629LA-BK
Bolikhamxai provincePakxan District (Pakxan)287,00014,86318LA-BL
Champasak provincePakse District (Pakse)706,00015,41545LA-CH
Houaphanh provinceXam Neua District (Xam Neua)302,00016,50018LA-HO
Khammouane provinceThakhek District (Thakhek)397,00016,31524LA-KH
Luang Namtha provinceNamtha District (Luang Namtha)182,0009,32519LA-LM
Luang Prabang provinceLuang Prabang (Luang Prabang)444,00016,87526LA-LP
Oudomxay provinceXay District (Muang Xay)313,00015,37020LA-OU
Phongsaly provincePhongsaly District (Phongsali)192,00016,27011LA-PH
Salavan provinceSalavan District (Salavan)410,00010,69137LA-SL
Savannakhet provinceKhanthaboury District (Savannakhet)1,004,00021,77445LA-SV
Vientiane provincePhonhong District (Phonhong)435,00018,52623LA-VI
Vientiane PrefectureVientiane836,0003,920209LA-VT
Sainyabuli provinceXayabury District (Sainyabuli)395,00016,38923LA-XA
Sekong provinceLa Mam District (Sekong)124,0007,66515LA-XE
Xaisomboun provinceAnouvong District (Anouvong)98,0004,50619LA-XS
Xiangkhouang provincePek District (Phonsavan)254,00015,88015LA-XI

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