List of Tunisia Governorates and Capitals

Tunisia is divided into 24 governorates, which are known as "gouvernorats" in French and "wilayat" in Arabic. Here is a list of the 24 governorates of Tunisia:

Tunisia Governorates and Capitals Map

GovernoratePopulation Area (km2) DensityRegion
Ariana576,0884821,195.20North East
Béja303,0323,74081.02North West
Ben Arous631,842761830.28North East
Bizerte568,2193,750151.53North East
Gabès374,3007,16652.23South East
Gafsa337,3317,80743.21South West
Jendouba401,4773,102129.43North West
Kairouan570,5596,71285.01Centre West
Kasserine439,2438,26053.18Centre West
Kebili156,96122,4546.99South West
Kef243,1564,96548.97North West
Mahdia410,8122,966138.51Centre East
Manouba379,5181,137333.79North East
Medenine479,5209,16752.31South East
Monastir548,8281,019538.59Centre East
Nabeul787,9202,788282.61North East
Sfax955,4217,545126.63Centre East
Sidi Bouzid429,9127,40558.06Centre West
Siliana223,0874,64248.06North West
Sousse674,9712,669252.89Centre East
Tataouine149,45338,8893.84South East
Tozeur107,9125,59322.87South West
Tunis1,056,2472883,052.74North East
Zaghouan176,9452,82063.93North East

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