Virginia Road Map - State Routes, US Highways & Interstate Highways

Virginia Road Map showing the state routes, US highways, interstate highways, major roads, local connecting Road, secondary Road, important local road of the Virginia.

Virginia Road Map

Virginia Road Network

Highway NAMEFRCHighway Shield Highway _NUM
I-66 E0Interstate Highway66
I-66 W0Interstate Highway66
Commonwealth Ave2Interstate Highway381
I-381 N2Interstate Highway381
I-381 S2Interstate Highway381
I-81 N0Interstate Highway81
I-81 S0Interstate Highway81
I-77 N0Interstate Highway77
I-77 S0Interstate Highway77
I-770Interstate Highway77
I-64 E0Interstate Highway64
I-64 W0Interstate Highway64
I-581 N2Interstate Highway581
I-581 S2Interstate Highway581
I-195 N1Interstate Highway195
I-195 S1Interstate Highway195
I-195 E1Interstate Highway195
I-195 W1Interstate Highway195
I-295 N0Interstate Highway295
I-295 S0Interstate Highway295
I-85 N0Interstate Highway85
I-85 S0Interstate Highway85
I-95 N0Interstate Highway95
I-95 S0Interstate Highway95
I-950Interstate Highway95
Capital Beltway N0Interstate Highway495
Capital Beltway S0Interstate Highway495
Capital Beltway E0Interstate Highway495
Capital Beltway W0Interstate Highway495
I-395 N0Interstate Highway395
I-395 S0Interstate Highway395
I-3950Interstate Highway395
I-664 N0Interstate Highway664
I-664 S0Interstate Highway664
I-464 N4Interstate Highway464
I-464 S4Interstate Highway464
I-264 E0Interstate Highway264
I-264 W0Interstate Highway264
I-464 N0Interstate Highway464
I-464 S0Interstate Highway464
I-564 E0Interstate Highway564
I-564 W0Interstate Highway564
I-640Interstate Highway64
VA Beach Norfolk Expy E0Interstate Highway264
VA Beach Norfolk Expy W0Interstate Highway264
Sudley Rd3State Highway and Route234
2nd Ave3State Highway and Route65
Inman Rd3State Highway and Route160
N Inman St3State Highway and Route160
VA-653State Highway and Route65
Exeter Rd4State Highway and Route68
VA-704State Highway and Route70
E Jackson St3State Highway and Route71
VA-713State Highway and Route71
VA-723State Highway and Route72
Wadlow Gap Rd5State Highway and Route224
3rd St3State Highway and Route65
7th Ave3State Highway and Route72
Bull Run Rd3State Highway and Route158
Cranes Nest Rd3State Highway and Route72
Dungannon Rd3State Highway and Route72
East Ave3State Highway and Route72
Emmett St3State Highway and Route72
Front St E3State Highway and Route158
Front St W3State Highway and Route158
Laurel Ave3State Highway and Route72
VA-1583State Highway and Route158
VA-633State Highway and Route63
Wise St3State Highway and Route63
1st St4State Highway and Route82
Lebanon Ave4State Highway and Route82
VA-824State Highway and Route82
W State St2State Highway and Route1
W State St3State Highway and Route1
Benhams Rd4State Highway and Route700
Rich Valley Rd4State Highway and Route700
Clintwood Hwy3State Highway and Route83
Main St3State Highway and Route83
VA-803State Highway and Route80
VA-833State Highway and Route83
Tiller's Fork Duty4State Highway and Route601
Temple's Br5State Highway and Route634
VA-835State Highway and Route83
Nash Hill Rd3State Highway and Route67
Raven Rd3State Highway and Route67
Big Creek Rd4State Highway and Route67
Edgewater Dr4State Highway and Route83
Railroad Ave4State Highway and Route67
VA-674State Highway and Route67
VA-834State Highway and Route83
Cummings St3State Highway and Route75
Glenbrook Ave3State Highway and Route80
Green Spring Rd3State Highway and Route75
Hillman Hwy3State Highway and Route80
Lindell Rd3State Highway and Route80
Wyndale Rd4State Highway and Route645
Old Jonesboro Rd5State Highway and Route140
Hayters Gap Rd3State Highway and Route80
Main St3State Highway and Route80
Rich Valley Rd3State Highway and Route80
VA-673State Highway and Route67
Cleveland Rd4State Highway and Route82
Blue Grass Trl3State Highway and Route42
Crescent Rd3State Highway and Route91
E Main St3State Highway and Route91
S Main St3State Highway and Route91
Saltville Hwy3State Highway and Route91
VA-1073State Highway and Route107
VA-913State Highway and Route91
Veterans Rd3State Highway and Route91
W Main St3State Highway and Route91
Worthy Blvd3State Highway and Route107
Allison Gap Rd4State Highway and Route634
Poor Valley Rd4State Highway and Route613
Rte-6344State Highway and Route634
Valley Rd5State Highway and Route610
Maple St2State Highway and Route91
Crescent Dr3State Highway and Route91
Damascus Dr3State Highway and Route91
Maple St3State Highway and Route91
Monroe Rd3State Highway and Route91
N Monte Vista Dr3State Highway and Route91
S Monte Vista Dr3State Highway and Route91
Laurel Valley Rd4State Highway and Route603
Liberty Hall Dr4State Highway and Route91
Mountain City Rd5State Highway and Route91
Old Park Rd5State Highway and Route754
Old Park Rd5State Highway and Route755
Saint Clairs Creek Rd5State Highway and Route600
VA-915State Highway and Route91
Whitetop Gap Rd5State Highway and Route726
Whitetop Gap Rd5State Highway and Route755
Whitetop Mtn Rd5State Highway and Route600
Whitetop Rd5State Highway and Route600
Whitetop Rd5State Highway and Route762
Callands Rd3State Highway and Route57
Old Franklin Tpke3State Highway and Route40
VA-573State Highway and Route57
Rte-6364State Highway and Route636
VA-844State Highway and Route84
Rte-6005State Highway and Route600
Jefferson Hwy3State Highway and Route16
Sugar Grove Hwy3State Highway and Route16
Troutdale Hwy3State Highway and Route16
Cedar Springs Rd4State Highway and Route612
Fairwood Rd4State Highway and Route603
Rte-6034State Highway and Route603
Teas Rd4State Highway and Route601
Flatridge Rd5State Highway and Route601
Flatridge Rd5State Highway and Route658
Flatridge Rd5State Highway and Route737
Fox Creek Rd5State Highway and Route678
Honey Grove Rd5State Highway and Route768
Old Bridle Creek Dr5State Highway and Route601
Rugby Rd5State Highway and Route743
Sturgills Rd5State Highway and Route751
BF Buchanan Hwy3State Highway and Route16
Old Wilderness Rd3State Highway and Route42
Park Blvd3State Highway and Route16
S Commerce St3State Highway and Route16
VA-163State Highway and Route16
W Blue Grass Trl3State Highway and Route42
Adwolfe Rd4State Highway and Route660
Rte-6225State Highway and Route622
VA-423State Highway and Route42
Cripple Creek Rd4State Highway and Route690
N Main St4State Highway and Route90
Saint Peters Rd4State Highway and Route69
Slate Spring Branch Rd4State Highway and Route690
VA-694State Highway and Route69
Cripple Creek Rd5State Highway and Route602
Arrowhead Dr5State Highway and Route602
Carsonville Rd5State Highway and Route660
Comers Rock Rd5State Highway and Route658
Fox Creek Rd5State Highway and Route711
Rock Creek Rd5State Highway and Route685
Rte-6545State Highway and Route654
Valleyview Rd5State Highway and Route614
Valleyview Rd5State Highway and Route659
Clear Fork Creek Rd3State Highway and Route61
Clearfork Rd3State Highway and Route61
E Blue Grass Trl3State Highway and Route42
E Riverside Dr3State Highway and Route61
Fairground Rd3State Highway and Route16
Falls Mills Rd3State Highway and Route102
N College Ave3State Highway and Route102
S College Ave3State Highway and Route102
Tazewell Ave3State Highway and Route16
VA-1023State Highway and Route102
VA-5983State Highway and Route598
VA-613State Highway and Route61
W Riverside Dr3State Highway and Route16
W Riverside Dr3State Highway and Route61
Walnut St3State Highway and Route61
Stoney Ridge Rd4State Highway and Route16
VA-1024State Highway and Route102
VA-164State Highway and Route16
VA-1614State Highway and Route161
W Riverside Dr4State Highway and Route16
Grapefield Rd5State Highway and Route614
Cleburne Blvd3State Highway and Route100
Fleshman St3State Highway and Route61
Main St3State Highway and Route100
Monroe St3State Highway and Route61
Narrows Rd3State Highway and Route100
Old Route 100 Rd3State Highway and Route100
Park Dr3State Highway and Route61
Pulaski Giles Tpke3State Highway and Route100
S Main St3State Highway and Route100
VA-1003State Highway and Route100
Walkers Creek Valley Rd3State Highway and Route42
Wolf Creek Rd3State Highway and Route61
Peppers Ferry Blvd4State Highway and Route114
Peppers Ferry Rd NW4State Highway and Route114
Tyler Ave4State Highway and Route177
VA-2324State Highway and Route232
W Main St4State Highway and Route232
Ivanhoe Rd3State Highway and Route94
N Main St3State Highway and Route89
Riverside Dr3State Highway and Route94
S Main St3State Highway and Route89
Scenic Rd3State Highway and Route94
Skyline Hwy3State Highway and Route89
Pipers Gap Rd4State Highway and Route97
VA-974State Highway and Route97
Baywood Store Rd5State Highway and Route624
Beech Grove Ln5State Highway and Route632
Beech Grove Ln5State Highway and Route634
Beech Grove Ln5State Highway and Route636
Brush Creek Rd5State Highway and Route602
Cross Roads Dr5State Highway and Route624
Delhart Rd5State Highway and Route622
Delhart Rd5State Highway and Route626
Edmonds Rd5State Highway and Route613
Longview Ln5State Highway and Route634
RR 15State Highway and Route660
Rock Chimney Rd5State Highway and Route636
Savannah Rd5State Highway and Route615
Lead Mine Rd2State Highway and Route69
Austinville Rd3State Highway and Route69
Lead Mine Rd3State Highway and Route69
Sheffey School Rd3State Highway and Route94
Store Hill Rd3State Highway and Route69
VA-943State Highway and Route94
Castleton Rd4State Highway and Route607
Fort Chiswell Rd4State Highway and Route121
Huddle Rd4State Highway and Route69
Max Meadows Rd4State Highway and Route121
Peppers Ferry Rd4State Highway and Route610
Rte-6904State Highway and Route690
Sylvatus Hwy3State Highway and Route100
Wysor Hwy3State Highway and Route100
Wysor Rd3State Highway and Route100
Gardner Rd4State Highway and Route608
Chances Creek Rd2State Highway and Route148
VA-1482State Highway and Route148
VA-1484State Highway and Route148
Dunlap Creek Rd3State Highway and Route159
Kanawha Trl3State Highway and Route311
Midland Trl3State Highway and Route159
Potts Creek Rd3State Highway and Route18
VA-183State Highway and Route18
Church St3State Highway and Route43
Forty Two Rd3State Highway and Route42
Longdale Furnace Rd3State Highway and Route269
Narrow Passage Rd3State Highway and Route43
S Carpenter Dr3State Highway and Route18
VA Ave3State Highway and Route39
VA-2693State Highway and Route269
VA-393State Highway and Route39
W Indian Valley Rd3State Highway and Route18
Rich Patch Rd4State Highway and Route616
Roaring Run Rd4State Highway and Route621
Rte-6874State Highway and Route687
Collierstown Rd5State Highway and Route251
Jackson River Rd5State Highway and Route687
Lee Hwy5State Highway and RouteF055
Rte-7805State Highway and Route780
S Craig Ave5State Highway and Route154
S Durant Rd5State Highway and Route154
VA-F0555State Highway and RouteF055
Blue Ridge St W3State Highway and Route8
Charity Hwy3State Highway and Route40
Claudville Hwy3State Highway and Route103
Dry Pond Hwy3State Highway and Route103
E Blue Ridge St3State Highway and Route8
Fairystone Park Hwy3State Highway and Route57
Franklin St3State Highway and Route40
N Locust St3State Highway and Route8
Parkway Ln S3State Highway and Route8
Patrick Ave3State Highway and Route8
S Locust St3State Highway and Route8
Salem Hwy3State Highway and Route8
Webbs Mill Rd N3State Highway and Route8
Woolwine Hwy3State Highway and Route8
Fairystone Lake Dr4State Highway and Route346
Fairystone Lake Dr5State Highway and Route346
VA-3465State Highway and Route346
Peppers Ferry Rd3State Highway and Route114
Peppers Ferry Rd NW3State Highway and Route114
Riner Rd3State Highway and Route8
W Main St3State Highway and Route8
VA-1774State Highway and Route177
Prices Fork Rd3State Highway and Route412
Catawba Valley Dr3State Highway and Route311
Main St3State Highway and Route42
N Electric Rd3State Highway and Route311
Salem Ave3State Highway and Route311
Thompson Memorial Dr3State Highway and Route311
VA-3113State Highway and Route311
N Electric Rd4State Highway and Route419
Electric Rd2State Highway and Route419
S College Ave2State Highway and Route311
Brookwood Dr SW4State Highway and Route419
Electric Rd4State Highway and Route419
Texas Hollow Rd5State Highway and Route641
Booker T Washington Hwy3State Highway and Route122
Jubal Early Hwy3State Highway and Route116
Moneta Rd3State Highway and Route122
Shingle Block Rd3State Highway and Route24
Stewartsville Rd3State Highway and Route24
Electric Rd3State Highway and Route419
Elm Ave SE2State Highway and Route24
Bullitt Ave SE3State Highway and Route24
Elm Ave SE3State Highway and Route24
Jamison Ave SE3State Highway and Route24
Piedmont St SE4State Highway and Route116
Riverland Rd SE4State Highway and Route116
Walnut Ave SE4State Highway and Route116
Liberty Rd NE4State Highway and Route115
Plantation Rd NE4State Highway and Route115
Hollins Rd NE4State Highway and Route115
13th St SE3State Highway and Route24
Bennington St SE3State Highway and Route24
Dale Ave SE3State Highway and Route24
Highland Ave SE3State Highway and Route24
W Virginia Ave3State Highway and Route24
E Virginia Ave4State Highway and Route24
W Virginia Ave4State Highway and Route24
Jae Valley Rd3State Highway and Route116
Mount Pleasant Blvd3State Highway and Route116
Riverland Rd SE3State Highway and Route116
E Washington Ave3State Highway and Route24
By Pass Rd4State Highway and Route24
Hardy Rd4State Highway and Route24
Airport Rd4State Highway and Route118
Airport Rd NW4State Highway and Route118
Peters Creek Rd NW4State Highway and Route117
Plantation Rd4State Highway and Route115
Rte-6065State Highway and Route606
Timber Rdg5State Highway and Route635
1st St3State Highway and Route43
Blue Ridge Pkwy3State Highway and Route43
Burks Hill Rd3State Highway and Route122
Parkway Dr3State Highway and Route43
Peaks Rd3State Highway and Route43
Peaks St3State Highway and Route43
South St3State Highway and Route43
Blue Ridge Pkwy4State Highway and Route43
Burks Hill Rd4State Highway and Route122
Crenshaw St4State Highway and Route122
Parkway Dr4State Highway and Route43
VA-434State Highway and Route43
Arcadia Rd5State Highway and Route614
Appalachian Dr3State Highway and Route57
Chatham Rd3State Highway and Route57
Fayette St3State Highway and Route57
Morehead Ave3State Highway and Route87
Virginia Ave3State Highway and Route57
Figsboro Rd4State Highway and Route108
Kings Mountain Rd4State Highway and Route108
Liberty St4State Highway and Route108
Fayette St5State Highway and Route57
Jones St5State Highway and Route108
Kings Mountain Rd5State Highway and Route174
Pell Ave3State Highway and Route40
Tanyard Rd3State Highway and Route40
Snow Creek Rd4State Highway and Route108
Westover Dr3State Highway and Route51
Strawberry Rd5State Highway and Route750
E Gretna Rd3State Highway and Route40
Halifax Rd3State Highway and Route832
Stage Coach Rd3State Highway and Route40
Franklin Tpke3State Highway and Route41
Old Richmond Rd3State Highway and Route360
VA-3603State Highway and Route360
Dry Fork Rd5State Highway and Route718
Rte-7035State Highway and Route703
Tightsqueeze Rd5State Highway and Route703
Franklin Tpke4State Highway and Route41
Central Blvd3State Highway and Route86
Central Blvd N3State Highway and Route86
Central Blvd S3State Highway and Route86
Justin Ln3State Highway and Route360
N Main St3State Highway and Route360
Richmond Blvd3State Highway and Route360
S Main St3State Highway and Route86
VA-863State Highway and Route86
Craghead St4State Highway and Route413
Main St4State Highway and Route360
Memorial Dr4State Highway and Route413
N Main St4State Highway and Route360
VA-864State Highway and Route86
VA-413State Highway and Route41
Ringgold Depot Rd4State Highway and Route62
Depot St3State Highway and Route57
Vaden Dr3State Highway and Route40
W Gretna Rd3State Highway and Route40
Mountain Rd3State Highway and Route360
Calvary Rd4State Highway and Route119
Milton Hwy4State Highway and Route62
Bedford Ave3State Highway and Route43
Bedford Hwy3State Highway and Route43
Glenwood Dr3State Highway and Route24
Leesville Rd3State Highway and Route43
Virginia Byway3State Highway and Route43
Wyatts Way3State Highway and Route24
Big Island Hwy3State Highway and Route122
Elon Rd3State Highway and Route130
Longwood Ave3State Highway and Route122
Coffee Rd5State Highway and Route621
Colony Rd4State Highway and Route210
Amelon Rd4State Highway and Route130
VA-1304State Highway and Route130
VA-2104State Highway and Route210
Colonial Hwy3State Highway and Route24
Village Hwy3State Highway and Route24
Main St3State Highway and Route40
Patrick Henry Hwy3State Highway and Route40
Phenix Main St3State Highway and Route40
Stonewall Rd3State Highway and Route24
Thomas Jefferson Hwy3State Highway and Route47
VA-1313State Highway and Route131
VA-243State Highway and Route24
VA-263State Highway and Route26
VA-403State Highway and Route40
Wickliffe Rd3State Highway and Route40
Court St5State Highway and Route131
Five Forks Rd5State Highway and Route658
Main St5State Highway and Route131
Bethel Rd3State Highway and Route360
7th St4State Highway and Route49
7th St4State Highway and Route96
Clarksville Rd4State Highway and Route49
Florence Ave4State Highway and Route49
N Main St4State Highway and Route129
Virgilina Rd4State Highway and Route96
N Main St5State Highway and Route129
Old Halifax Rd5State Highway and Route129
Clover Rd3State Highway and Route92
N Main St3State Highway and Route92
S Main St3State Highway and Route92
Rte-6195State Highway and Route619
Church St3State Highway and Route40
Craftons Gate Hwy3State Highway and Route47
David Bruce Ave3State Highway and Route40
Drakes Main St3State Highway and Route47
George Washington Hwy3State Highway and Route40
J E B Stuart Hwy3State Highway and Route92
Jeb Stuart Hwy3State Highway and Route92
Main St3State Highway and Route47
Saxkey Rd3State Highway and Route59
Tollhouse Rd3State Highway and Route47
VA-473State Highway and Route47
VA-593State Highway and Route59
VA-492State Highway and Route49
VA-493State Highway and Route49
VA-923State Highway and Route92
W 2nd St3State Highway and Route92
VA-494State Highway and Route49
Rockbridge Rd3State Highway and Route130
Wert Faulkner Hwy3State Highway and Route130
Thornhill Rd4State Highway and Route251
Thornhill Rd5State Highway and Route251
VA-2515State Highway and Route251
Brownsburg Tpke3State Highway and Route252
E Craig St3State Highway and Route42
Little Calf Pasture Hwy3State Highway and Route42
Maury River Rd3State Highway and Route39
Virginia Ave3State Highway and Route42
W Craig St3State Highway and Route42
Middlebrook Rd3State Highway and Route252
Tye River Tpke3State Highway and Route56
Howardsville Rd5State Highway and Route701
Crabtree Falls Hwy3State Highway and Route56
Warm Springs Pike3State Highway and Route42
Ottobine Rd4State Highway and Route257
Briery Branch Rd5State Highway and Route257
Community Center Rd5State Highway and Route730
Community Center Rd5State Highway and Route731
Buffalo Gap Hwy3State Highway and Route42
Parkersburg Tpke3State Highway and Route254
Scenic Hwy3State Highway and Route42
Mossy Creek Rd5State Highway and Route747
Woodrow Wilson Pkwy2State Highway and Route275
Middlebrook Ave3State Highway and Route252
New Hope Rd3State Highway and Route254
S Augusta St3State Highway and Route252
VA-2623State Highway and Route262
VA-262 E3State Highway and Route262
VA-262 W3State Highway and Route262
VA-2753State Highway and Route275
W Beverley St3State Highway and Route254
Woodrow Wilson Pkwy3State Highway and Route275
Weyers Cave Rd2State Highway and Route256
3rd St3State Highway and Route256
Aspen Ave3State Highway and Route256
Hermitage Rd3State Highway and Route254
VA-2563State Highway and Route256
Weyers Cave Rd3State Highway and Route256
Port Republic Rd4State Highway and Route659
Friedens Church Rd5State Highway and Route257
Old County Rd5State Highway and Route695
Port Republic Rd5State Highway and Route659
Dinkel Ave2State Highway and Route257
Friedens Church Rd2State Highway and Route257
Mayland Rd2State Highway and Route259
Cross Keys Rd3State Highway and Route620
Dinkel Ave3State Highway and Route257
E Lee St3State Highway and Route42
Harpine Hwy3State Highway and Route42
John Wayland Hwy3State Highway and Route257
John Wayland Hwy3State Highway and Route42
Mayland Rd3State Highway and Route259
N High St3State Highway and Route42
N Main St3State Highway and Route257
N Main St3State Highway and Route259
N Main St3State Highway and Route42
N Timber Way3State Highway and Route42
S High St3State Highway and Route42
S Main St3State Highway and Route42
S Timberway3State Highway and Route259
Boyers Rd4State Highway and Route704
Broadway Ave4State Highway and Route259
Green Hill Rd4State Highway and Route721
Hopkins Gap Rd4State Highway and Route613
Linville Edom Rd4State Highway and Route721
Longs Pump Rd4State Highway and Route721
Mason St4State Highway and Route257
Port Republic Rd4State Highway and Route710
Reservoir St4State Highway and Route710
Rte-6134State Highway and Route613
Singers Glen Rd4State Highway and Route613
Turleytown Rd4State Highway and Route613
Whitmore Shop Rd4State Highway and Route613
Bowman Rd5State Highway and Route732
Erickson Ave5State Highway and Route726
Hopkins Gap Rd5State Highway and Route612
Hopkins Gap Rd5State Highway and Route763
Indian Trail Rd5State Highway and Route620
Main St5State Highway and Route42
Massanetta Springs Rd5State Highway and Route687
Old Furnace Rd5State Highway and Route718
RR 45State Highway and Route763
Shen Lake Dr5State Highway and Route689
Singers Glen Rd5State Highway and Route763
Stone Spring Rd5State Highway and Route726
VA-42 Bus5State Highway and Route42
Woods Rd5State Highway and Route686
E Point Rd5State Highway and Route602
Island Ford Rd5State Highway and Route641
Rockingham Pike5State Highway and Route602
Free Union Rd4State Highway and Route676
Front St3State Highway and Route56
James River Rd3State Highway and Route56
Patrick Henry Hwy3State Highway and Route151
Tye Brook Hwy3State Highway and Route56
VA-563State Highway and Route56
Afton Mountain Rd3State Highway and Route6
Critzers Shop Rd3State Highway and Route151
Ivy St3State Highway and Route254
King Ave3State Highway and Route254
N Poplar Ave3State Highway and Route254
River Rd3State Highway and Route6
Rockfish Valley Hwy3State Highway and Route151
VA-1513State Highway and Route151
Scottsville Rd3State Highway and Route20
VA-203State Highway and Route20
Crozet Ave3State Highway and Route240
Three Notched Rd3State Highway and Route240
9th St NE3State Highway and Route20
9th St SE3State Highway and Route20
Avon St3State Highway and Route20
Monticello Ave3State Highway and Route20
E Main St3State Highway and Route6
Irish Rd3State Highway and Route6
S James River Hwy3State Highway and Route56
Valley St3State Highway and Route20
Hardware St5State Highway and Route795
FT Valley Rd3State Highway and Route231
N Blue Ridge Tpke3State Highway and Route231
S F T Valley Rd3State Highway and Route231
W Patrick Henry Rd3State Highway and Route54
Pouncey Tract Rd4State Highway and Route271
Cartersville Rd3State Highway and Route45
Courthouse Rd3State Highway and Route208
Davis Hwy3State Highway and Route208
Elm Ave3State Highway and Route208
Gordonsville Rd3State Highway and Route231
Louisa Rd3State Highway and Route22
River Rd W3State Highway and Route6
Saint James St3State Highway and Route6
Stony Point Rd3State Highway and Route20
Thomas Jefferson Pkwy3State Highway and Route53
VA-223State Highway and Route22
VA-63State Highway and Route6
W River Rd3State Highway and Route6
E Jack Jouett Rd5State Highway and Route640
Rolling Rd5State Highway and Route620
Rolling Rd5State Highway and Route795
W Old Mountain Rd5State Highway and Route640
Constitution Hwy3State Highway and Route20
Madison Rd3State Highway and Route230
Orange Rd3State Highway and Route230
VA-2303State Highway and Route230
VA-2313State Highway and Route231
Wolftown Hood Rd3State Highway and Route230
Germanna Hwy2State Highway and Route3
Germanna Hwy3State Highway and Route3
N Main St3State Highway and Route229
Rixeyville Rd3State Highway and Route229
Eggbornsville Rd4State Highway and Route729
Berry Hill Rd3State Highway and Route20
Blue Ridge Tpke3State Highway and Route231
Byrd St3State Highway and Route20
Gordon Ave3State Highway and Route231
W Gordon Ave3State Highway and Route231
W Main St3State Highway and Route20
Marquis Rd4State Highway and Route669
Rapidan Rd4State Highway and Route615
Catlett Rd3State Highway and Route28
Batna Rd4State Highway and Route647
Eleys Ford Rd4State Highway and Route610
Revercomb Rd4State Highway and Route647
Elys Ford Rd4State Highway and Route610
Lake Anna Pkwy3State Highway and Route208
Courthouse Rd4State Highway and Route208
Plank Rd3State Highway and Route3
Blue and Gray Pkwy3State Highway and Route3
Butler Rd3State Highway and Route218
Chatham Heights Rd3State Highway and Route218
Kings Hwy3State Highway and Route3
VA-33State Highway and Route3
White Oak Rd3State Highway and Route218
William St3State Highway and Route3
Butler Rd4State Highway and Route212
Blue and Gray Pkwy E3State Highway and Route3
Blue and Gray Pkwy W3State Highway and Route3
New Bridge Rd3State Highway and Route208
VA-2083State Highway and Route208
E Old Mountain Rd5State Highway and Route640
Kings Dominion Blvd3State Highway and Route30
Rogers Clark Blvd4State Highway and Route207
Springfield Rd4State Highway and Route157
Patterson Ave3State Highway and Route6
Gaskins Rd4State Highway and Route157
N Gaskins Rd4State Highway and Route157
Pemberton Rd4State Highway and Route157
Quioccasin Rd4State Highway and Route157
E Patrick Henry Rd3State Highway and Route54
England St3State Highway and Route54
Thompson St3State Highway and Route54
Glenside Dr2State Highway and Route356
Glenside Dr4State Highway and Route356
N Parham Rd4State Highway and Route73
Greenwood Rd4State Highway and Route652
Mountain Rd4State Highway and Route652
Greenwood Rd5State Highway and Route652
Old Washington Hwy5State Highway and Route626
E Parham Rd4State Highway and Route73
Hermitage Rd4State Highway and Route161
Hilliard Rd4State Highway and Route161
Hilliard Rd4State Highway and Route356
Lakeside Ave4State Highway and Route161
Old Mountain Rd4State Highway and Route652
Blackstone Rd3State Highway and Route40
Brunswick Rd3State Highway and Route46
Court St3State Highway and Route40
Courthouse Rd3State Highway and Route40
Courthouse Rd3State Highway and Route49
Danieltown Rd3State Highway and Route137
Dundas Rd3State Highway and Route137
E 2nd St3State Highway and Route47
E 2nd St3State Highway and Route49
E 5th Ave3State Highway and Route137
E Sycamore St3State Highway and Route92
Falls Rd3State Highway and Route49
Highway Forty Nine3State Highway and Route49
Highway Forty Seven3State Highway and Route47
Highway Ninety Two3State Highway and Route92
K V Rd3State Highway and Route40
Kenbridge Rd3State Highway and Route40
Lunenburg County Rd3State Highway and Route40
Lunenburg Hwy3State Highway and Route40
Main St3State Highway and Route49
N Broad St3State Highway and Route40
N Main St3State Highway and Route47
Nottoway Blvd3State Highway and Route49
S Broad St3State Highway and Route40
S Hill Rd3State Highway and Route137
S Hill Rd3State Highway and Route138
Union Mill Rd3State Highway and Route138
W 2nd St3State Highway and Route49
W Atlantic St3State Highway and Route47
Buggs Island Rd4State Highway and Route4
Chaptico Rd4State Highway and Route637
Craig Mill Rd4State Highway and Route637
Buggs Island Rd5State Highway and Route4
Burkeville Rd5State Highway and Route723
Regional Airport Rd5State Highway and Route626
Holly Farms Rd3State Highway and Route307
N Main St3State Highway and Route45
VA-3073State Highway and Route307
Kingsville Rd4State Highway and Route133
Orchard Rd5State Highway and Route621
Cumberland Rd3State Highway and Route45
Old Buckingham Rd3State Highway and Route13
E Saylers Creek Rd4State Highway and Route617
Dinwiddie Ave3State Highway and Route40
Holly Farm Rd3State Highway and Route307
S Main St3State Highway and Route40
The Falls Rd3State Highway and Route49
Watsons Wood Rd3State Highway and Route49
Rte-6144State Highway and Route614
Darvills Rd3State Highway and Route40
Military Rd3State Highway and Route153
Rocky Hill Rd3State Highway and Route153
VA-1533State Highway and Route153
Bevils Bridge Rd4State Highway and Route36
Old Richmond Rd4State Highway and Route612
N Five Forks Rd3State Highway and Route38
Scottville Rd3State Highway and Route300
VA-76 N2State Highway and Route76
VA-764State Highway and Route76
VA-76 N4State Highway and Route76
VA-76 S4State Highway and Route76
VA-288 N2State Highway and Route288
VA-288 S2State Highway and Route288
Huguenot Rd4State Highway and Route147
VA-150 N4State Highway and Route150
VA-150 S4State Highway and Route150
W Huguenot Rd4State Highway and Route147
VA-76 N1State Highway and Route76
VA-76 S1State Highway and Route76
Cary Street Rd4State Highway and Route147
N Huguenot Rd4State Highway and Route147
River Rd4State Highway and Route147
VA-1504State Highway and Route150
VA-146 W1State Highway and Route146
Blanton Ave4State Highway and Route161
Park Dr4State Highway and Route161
Westover Hills Blvd4State Highway and Route161
VA-146 E1State Highway and Route146
Kensington Ave3State Highway and Route6
Ellwood Ave4State Highway and Route147
N Boulevard4State Highway and Route161
S Boulevard4State Highway and Route161
S Thompson St4State Highway and Route147
W Cary St4State Highway and Route147
W Leigh St2State Highway and Route33
E Leigh St3State Highway and Route33
N Harrison St3State Highway and Route33
W Leigh St3State Highway and Route33
W Main St4State Highway and Route147
E Cary St4State Highway and Route147
E Main St4State Highway and Route147
VA-150 N1State Highway and Route150
VA-150 S1State Highway and Route150
Broad Rock Blvd3State Highway and Route10
E Broad Rock Blvd3State Highway and Route10
E Broad Rock Rd3State Highway and Route10
Belt Blvd4State Highway and Route161
E Belt Blvd4State Highway and Route161
W Belt Blvd4State Highway and Route161
Belt Blvd5State Highway and Route161
VA-288 N1State Highway and Route288
VA-288 S1State Highway and Route288
Iron Bridge Rd3State Highway and Route10
W Hundred Rd3State Highway and Route10
Cox Rd3State Highway and Route226
Boydton Plank Rd4State Highway and Route142
Ferndale Cir4State Highway and Route1333
River Rd4State Highway and Route36
Simpson Rd4State Highway and Route142
Sterling Rd5State Highway and Route603
Christanna Hwy3State Highway and Route46
W Church St3State Highway and Route46
Windsor Ave3State Highway and Route46
Doyle Blvd3State Highway and Route40
McKenney Hwy3State Highway and Route40
Old Cryors Rd3State Highway and Route40
Sussex Dr3State Highway and Route40
Henry Rd4State Highway and Route139
Jarratt Ave4State Highway and Route139
S Allen Rd4State Highway and Route139
Stoney Creek Blvd2State Highway and Route185
Stoney Creek Rd2State Highway and Route185
W Old Cross Rd2State Highway and Route211
W Reservoir Rd2State Highway and Route42
Brocks Gap Rd3State Highway and Route259
Bryce Blvd3State Highway and Route263
Forestville Rd3State Highway and Route42
New Market Rd3State Highway and Route211
Orkney Grade3State Highway and Route263
Senedo Rd3State Highway and Route42
Timber Way3State Highway and Route42
W Lee Hwy3State Highway and Route211
W Lee St3State Highway and Route259
W Old Cross Rd3State Highway and Route211
W Reservoir Rd3State Highway and Route42
Wardensville Pike3State Highway and Route55
Orkney Grade4State Highway and Route263
Fairfax Pike2State Highway and Route277
Fairfax St2State Highway and Route277
E King St3State Highway and Route55
Fairfax Pike3State Highway and Route277
Front Royal Rd3State Highway and Route55
John Marshall Hwy3State Highway and Route55
Strasburg Rd3State Highway and Route55
Bishop Meade Rd3State Highway and Route255
E Strasburg Rd3State Highway and Route55
Lord Fairfax Hwy3State Highway and Route277
Millwood Rd3State Highway and Route255
Red Gate Rd3State Highway and Route255
South St3State Highway and Route55
W Strasburg Rd3State Highway and Route55
Bloomery Pike3State Highway and Route127
Carpers Pike3State Highway and Route259
VA-1273State Highway and Route127
VA-2593State Highway and Route259
Berryville Ave1State Highway and Route7
Berryville Pike1State Highway and Route7
Harry Byrd Hwy1State Highway and Route7
VA-37 N1State Highway and Route37
VA-37 S1State Highway and Route37
VA-71State Highway and Route7
Berryville Ave3State Highway and Route7
E Piccadilly St3State Highway and Route7
N East Ln3State Highway and Route7
National Ave3State Highway and Route7
E Main St5State Highway and Route7
W Main St5State Highway and Route7
VA-7 E1State Highway and Route7
VA-7 W1State Highway and Route7
Berlin Tpke3State Highway and Route287
Charles Town Pike3State Highway and Route9
E Colonial Hwy3State Highway and Route7
E Loudoun St3State Highway and Route7
E Main St3State Highway and Route7
N Berlin Pike3State Highway and Route287
S Berlin Pike3State Highway and Route287
W Colonial Hwy3State Highway and Route7
W Main St3State Highway and Route7
E Main St3State Highway and Route55
Fauquier Ave3State Highway and Route245
Main St3State Highway and Route55
Old Tavern Rd3State Highway and Route245
Cobbler Mountain Rd2State Highway and Route55
John Marshall Hwy2State Highway and Route55
W Loudoun St3State Highway and Route7
Maidstone Rd5State Highway and Route55
Simpsons Creek Rd5State Highway and Route7
W Market St4State Highway and Route7
VA-267 E1State Highway and Route267
VA-267 W1State Highway and Route267
E Market St3State Highway and Route7
Harry Byrd Hwy3State Highway and Route7
Sully Rd3State Highway and Route28
E Market St4State Highway and Route7
Sully Rd N3State Highway and Route28
Sully Rd S3State Highway and Route28
Nokesville Rd3State Highway and Route28
Vint Hill Rd3State Highway and Route215
Washington St3State Highway and Route55
VA-234 Byp3State Highway and Route234
Sudley Rd4State Highway and Route234
Centreville Rd3State Highway and Route28
Center St3State Highway and Route28
Church St3State Highway and Route28
Zebedee St3State Highway and Route28
Grant Ave4State Highway and Route234
Chapel Springs Rd3State Highway and Route215
Dumfries Rd3State Highway and Route234
VA-2343State Highway and Route234
Dumfries Rd4State Highway and Route234
Georgetown Pike4State Highway and Route193
Cardinal Dr4State Highway and Route610
Estate Dr4State Highway and Route610
Chain Bridge Rd4State Highway and Route123
Main St4State Highway and Route236
Ox Rd4State Highway and Route123
Blake Ln4State Highway and Route237
Nutley St4State Highway and Route243
Pickett Rd4State Highway and Route237
Blake Ln5State Highway and Route237
Nutley St5State Highway and Route243
Little River Tpke4State Highway and Route236
Columbia Pike4State Highway and Route244
Gordon Blvd4State Highway and Route123
Lawyers Rd5State Highway and Route602
Sully Rd S2State Highway and Route28
Centreville Rd4State Highway and Route228
Dranesville Rd4State Highway and Route228
Elden St4State Highway and Route228
Monroe St4State Highway and Route228
Park Ave4State Highway and Route228
Dulles Access Toll Rd E1State Highway and Route267
Dulles Access Toll Rd W1State Highway and Route267
Reston Pkwy4State Highway and Route602
Reston Pkwy5State Highway and Route602
Lawyers Rd5State Highway and Route673
Harry Flood Byrd Hwy3State Highway and Route7
VA-73State Highway and Route7
Harry Byrd Hwy4State Highway and Route7
Maple Ave E4State Highway and Route123
Maple Ave W4State Highway and Route123
Nutley St SW4State Highway and Route243
Lawyers Rd NW5State Highway and Route673
Leesburg Pike5State Highway and Route7
Vale Rd5State Highway and Route672
Leesburg Pike3State Highway and Route7
Dulles Access Rd E1State Highway and Route267
Dulles Access Rd W1State Highway and Route267
Dolley Madison Blvd4State Highway and Route123
Old Dominion Dr4State Highway and Route309
Broad St3State Highway and Route7
W Broad St3State Highway and Route7
Hillwood Ave4State Highway and Route338
Washington Blvd2State Highway and Route237
E Broad St3State Highway and Route7
Washington Blvd4State Highway and Route237
N Glebe Rd4State Highway and Route120
Old Dominion Dr2State Highway and Route309
Jefferson Davis Hwy N1State Highway and Route110
Jefferson Davis Hwy S1State Highway and Route110
N Johnson St4State Highway and Route237
Washington Blvd4State Highway and Route27
George Washington Memorial Pkwy2State Highway and Route400
Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy2State Highway and Route235
Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy2State Highway and Route400
Mount Vernon Hwy4State Highway and Route235
Manchester Blvd4State Highway and Route8113
Duke St4State Highway and Route236
King St3State Highway and Route7
Glebe Rd4State Highway and Route120
S Glebe Rd4State Highway and Route120
Washington Blvd N1State Highway and Route27
Washington Blvd S1State Highway and Route27
Oakwood Dr4State Highway and Route244
Jefferson Davis Hwy N2State Highway and Route110
Jefferson Davis Hwy S2State Highway and Route110
VA-2334State Highway and Route233
George Washington Memorial Pkwy S2State Highway and Route400
N Washington St2State Highway and Route400
N Kings Hwy4State Highway and Route241
Shields Ave4State Highway and Route241
Telegraph Rd4State Highway and Route241
S Washington St2State Highway and Route400
Charles City Rd3State Highway and Route156
John Tyler Memorial Hwy3State Highway and Route156
New Market Rd3State Highway and Route156
New Market Rd3State Highway and Route5
Roxbury Rd3State Highway and Route156
Willis Church Rd3State Highway and Route156
Chesapeake Ave4State Highway and Route167
Beaton Ave4State Highway and Route186
Broad St4State Highway and Route186
Hugo Rd4State Highway and Route186
Main St4State Highway and Route35
Meherrin Rd4State Highway and Route35
Pittman Rd4State Highway and Route186
S Main St4State Highway and Route35
Courtland Rd3State Highway and Route35
Jerusalem Plank Rd3State Highway and Route35
Lee Ave5State Highway and Route40
VA-40 Bus5State Highway and Route40
Birch Island Rd3State Highway and Route31
E Main St3State Highway and Route31
E Main St3State Highway and Route40
W Main St3State Highway and Route40
Main St3State Highway and Route35
Plank Rd3State Highway and Route35
S Quay Rd3State Highway and Route189
Prince George Dr3State Highway and Route156
Courtland Rd4State Highway and Route35
Bollingbrook St2State Highway and Route36
N Crater Rd2State Highway and Route36
E Washington St3State Highway and Route36
E Wythe St3State Highway and Route36
Bollingbrook St4State Highway and Route36
Chesterfield Ave4State Highway and Route36
Fleet St4State Highway and Route36
Grove Ave4State Highway and Route36
Halifax St4State Highway and Route142
N Sycamore St4State Highway and Route36
W Old St4State Highway and Route36
Temple Ave4State Highway and Route144
Oaklawn Blvd3State Highway and Route36
Winston Churchill Dr3State Highway and Route36
Woodlawn St3State Highway and Route36
Courthouse Rd3State Highway and Route106
Arlington Rd3State Highway and Route156
Arlington Rd3State Highway and Route36
E Randolph Rd3State Highway and Route10
East Hundred Rd3State Highway and Route10
High Ave3State Highway and Route156
James River Dr3State Highway and Route10
Jordan Point Rd3State Highway and Route156
N 15th Ave3State Highway and Route36
N 6th Ave3State Highway and Route36
Ruffin Rd3State Highway and Route106
Ruffin Rd3State Highway and Route156
S 15th Ave3State Highway and Route36
W Broadway Ave3State Highway and Route36
W Randolph Rd3State Highway and Route10
Washington Cir3State Highway and Route36
Winston Churchill Dr3State Highway and Route10
Winston Churchill Dr3State Highway and Route156
E Hundred Rd3State Highway and Route10
Pocahontas Pkwy E1State Highway and Route895
Pocahontas Pkwy W1State Highway and Route895
Old Osborne Tpke3State Highway and Route5
Osborne Tpke3State Highway and Route5
E Main St3State Highway and Route5
Fairmount Ave3State Highway and Route33
Martin L King Brg3State Highway and Route33
Mosby St3State Highway and Route33
Nine Mile Rd3State Highway and Route33
N 25th St5State Highway and Route33
N 25th St5State Highway and Route5
Cold Harbor Rd3State Highway and Route156
E Nine Mile Rd3State Highway and Route33
E Nine Mile Rd S3State Highway and Route33
W Nine Mile Rd3State Highway and Route33
N Airport Dr4State Highway and Route156
S Airport Dr4State Highway and Route156
New Kent Hwy2State Highway and Route249
Elko Rd3State Highway and Route156
N Airport Dr3State Highway and Route156
New Kent Hwy3State Highway and Route249
Boulevard Rd3State Highway and Route155
Courthouse Rd3State Highway and Route155
N Courthouse Rd3State Highway and Route155
S Courthouse Rd3State Highway and Route155
Colonial Trl W3State Highway and Route10
John Tyler Memorial Hwy3State Highway and Route5
Martin Luther King Hwy3State Highway and Route40
Colonial Trl E3State Highway and Route10
John Tyler Hwy3State Highway and Route5
Old Stage Hwy3State Highway and Route10
Rolfe Hwy3State Highway and Route10
Rolfe Hwy3State Highway and Route31
Jamestown - Scotland4State Highway and Route31
Jamestown Rd4State Highway and Route31
Rolfe Hwy4State Highway and Route31
Jamestown Rd3State Highway and Route31
John Tyler Ln3State Highway and Route5
Lafayette St4State Highway and Route162
Monticello Ave4State Highway and Route321
Richmond Rd4State Highway and Route162
VA-199 N4State Highway and Route199
VA-199 S4State Highway and Route199
VA-1992State Highway and Route199
Lafayette St3State Highway and Route162
N Henry St3State Highway and Route132
S Boundary St3State Highway and Route31
S Henry St3State Highway and Route132
VA-1323State Highway and Route132
VA-132Y3State Highway and Route132Y
W Francis St3State Highway and Route31
2nd St4State Highway and Route143
2nd St4State Highway and Route162
Capitol Landing Rd4State Highway and Route143
Capitol Landing Rd4State Highway and Route31
Merrimac Trl4State Highway and Route143
N Henry St4State Highway and Route132
Parkway Dr4State Highway and Route163
S Henry St4State Highway and Route132
VA-1324State Highway and Route132
VA-1434State Highway and Route143
Richmond Rd5State Highway and Route321
S Boundary St5State Highway and Route5
VA-1994State Highway and Route199
14th St3State Highway and Route30
14th St3State Highway and Route33
Barhamsville Rd3State Highway and Route30
Buena Vista Rd3State Highway and Route14
Eltham Rd3State Highway and Route30
Eltham Rd3State Highway and Route33
Farmers Dr3State Highway and Route273
King William Ave3State Highway and Route30
Main St3State Highway and Route30
Old Stage Rd3State Highway and Route30
Rochambeau Dr3State Highway and Route30
Rochambeau Rd3State Highway and Route30
VA-333State Highway and Route33
Newman Rd4State Highway and Route199
Adner Rd3State Highway and Route14
Buckley Hall Rd3State Highway and Route198
Dutton Rd3State Highway and Route198
Glenns Rd3State Highway and Route198
John Clayton Memorial Hwy3State Highway and Route14
Lewis B Puller Memorial Hwy3State Highway and Route198
Lewis B Puller Memorial Hwy3State Highway and Route33
Twiggs Ferry Rd3State Highway and Route3
VA-143State Highway and Route14
Fort Eustis Blvd2State Highway and Route105
Fort Eustis Blvd3State Highway and Route105
Jefferson Ave3State Highway and Route143
Denbigh Blvd4State Highway and Route173
Jefferson Ave4State Highway and Route143
Goosley Rd3State Highway and Route238
Old Williamsburg Rd3State Highway and Route238
Yorktown Rd3State Highway and Route238
Penniman Rd4State Highway and Route199
Yorktown Rd4State Highway and Route238
Busch Gardens Blvd3State Highway and Route105
Cook Rd4State Highway and Route238
Guinea Rd4State Highway and Route216
Moore House Rd5State Highway and Route238
Washington Rd5State Highway and Route238
Victory Blvd4State Highway and Route171
Jefferson Ave5State Highway and Route143
Hampton Hwy4State Highway and Route134
Magruder Blvd4State Highway and Route134
N Armistead Ave4State Highway and Route172
Semple Farm Rd4State Highway and Route172
Wythe Creek Rd4State Highway and Route172
Council Rd3State Highway and Route260
Great Mill Hwy3State Highway and Route260
Sandy Cres3State Highway and Route189
Sandy Cres3State Highway and Route260
Union Camp Dr3State Highway and Route1603
Union Camp Dr3State Highway and Route260
VA-1893State Highway and Route189
VA-2603State Highway and Route260
Collosse Rd5State Highway and Route641
Zuni Cir4State Highway and Route644
Benns Church Blvd3State Highway and Route10
Godwin Blvd3State Highway and Route10
Kings Hwy4State Highway and Route125
VA-103State Highway and Route10
Campbells Chapel Dr4State Highway and Route665
Reynolds Dr4State Highway and Route665
Smiths Neck Rd4State Highway and Route665
Smiths Neck Rd4State Highway and Route669
Jefferson Ave2State Highway and Route143
Main St4State Highway and Route152
Todds Ln4State Highway and Route152
W Pembroke Ave4State Highway and Route351
Jefferson Ave2State Highway and Route167
16th St4State Highway and Route167
27th St4State Highway and Route143
28th St4State Highway and Route143
39th St4State Highway and Route351
Jefferson Ave4State Highway and Route167
Nansemond Pkwy3State Highway and Route337
Kings Hwy5State Highway and Route125
VA-164 E2State Highway and Route164
VA-164 W2State Highway and Route164
College Dr4State Highway and Route135
Portsmouth Blvd3State Highway and Route337
Jolliff Rd4State Highway and Route191
Portsmouth Blvd4State Highway and Route337
Carolina Rd2State Highway and Route32
N Main St2State Highway and Route10
Carolina Rd3State Highway and Route32
Rountree Cres4State Highway and Route616
White Marsh Rd4State Highway and Route642
Atlee Rd3State Highway and Route156
Dawn Blvd3State Highway and Route30
Atlee Rd4State Highway and Route156
Bowling Green Byp3State Highway and Route207
Broaddus Ave3State Highway and Route207
E Broaddus Ave3State Highway and Route207
Fredericksburg Tpke3State Highway and Route2
Rogers Clark Blvd3State Highway and Route207
Dorrell Rd4State Highway and Route628
W Broaddus Ave4State Highway and Route207
King William Rd3State Highway and Route30
Caledon Rd3State Highway and Route218
Sandy Lane Dr3State Highway and Route2
VA-23State Highway and Route2
Comorn Rd4State Highway and Route609
Comorn Rd4State Highway and Route677
Dahlgren Rd3State Highway and Route206
James Monroe Hwy3State Highway and Route205
McKinney Blvd3State Highway and Route205
Ridge Rd3State Highway and Route205
VA-2053State Highway and Route205
Dahlgren Rd5State Highway and Route206
US Naval Surface Weapons Ctr5State Highway and Route206
Stratford Hall Rd4State Highway and Route214
VA-3474State Highway and Route347
General Puller Hwy2State Highway and Route33
Mary Ball Rd2State Highway and Route3
Rappahannock Dr2State Highway and Route3
VA-32State Highway and Route3
VA-332State Highway and Route33
Cople Hwy3State Highway and Route202
Courthouse Rd3State Highway and Route201
Hampton Hall Rd3State Highway and Route202
History Land Hwy3State Highway and Route3
Historyland Hwy3State Highway and Route3
Irvington Rd3State Highway and Route200
Main St3State Highway and Route3
Mary Ball Rd3State Highway and Route3
Oldhams Rd3State Highway and Route203
River Rd3State Highway and Route354
The Trl3State Highway and Route14
Cross St4State Highway and Route227
River Rd4State Highway and Route354
Urbanna Rd4State Highway and Route227
VA-2274State Highway and Route227
VA-2035State Highway and Route203
E Church St2State Highway and Route200
Jessie Dupont Memorial Hwy2State Highway and Route200
S Main St2State Highway and Route200
S Main St2State Highway and Route3
Chesapeake Dr3State Highway and Route200
N Main St3State Highway and Route3
Bennett St3State Highway and Route176
Boston Rd3State Highway and Route178
Jefferson Ave3State Highway and Route180
Nelsonia Rd3State Highway and Route187
North St3State Highway and Route180
Parksley Rd3State Highway and Route176
Pungoteague Rd3State Highway and Route180
Shoremain Dr3State Highway and Route187
VA-1783State Highway and Route178
VA-1803State Highway and Route180
Bobtown Rd4State Highway and Route178
Chincoteague Rd4State Highway and Route175
Drummond Town Rd4State Highway and Route180
Edmunds St4State Highway and Route182
Main St4State Highway and Route175
Mappsburg Rd4State Highway and Route182
Market St4State Highway and Route179
Nelsonia Rd4State Highway and Route187
Railroad Ave4State Highway and Route182
Savageville Rd4State Highway and Route178
VA-1754State Highway and Route175
VA-1824State Highway and Route182
W Main St4State Highway and Route179
Wachapreague Rd4State Highway and Route180
Deep Hole Rd5State Highway and Route2104
Battlefield Blvd S4State Highway and Route168
Chesapeake Expy N4State Highway and Route168
Chesapeake Expy S4State Highway and Route168
Mount Pleasant Rd4State Highway and Route165
VA-1684State Highway and Route168
Cedar Rd4State Highway and Route165
Bainbridge Blvd2State Highway and Route166
Bainbridge Blvd4State Highway and Route166
Great Bridge Blvd4State Highway and Route190
Moses Grandy Trl4State Highway and Route165
Sebriell Way4State Highway and Route165
Battlefield Blvd N4State Highway and Route168
Battlefield Blvd S4State Highway and Route165
Kempsville Rd4State Highway and Route190
VA-1904State Highway and Route190
Woodford Dr4State Highway and Route165
Indian River Rd4State Highway and Route407
Portsmouth Blvd2State Highway and Route337
Western Fwy Brg E2State Highway and Route164
Western Fwy Brg W2State Highway and Route164
Western Fwy E2State Highway and Route164
Western Fwy W2State Highway and Route164
Martin Luther King Fwy S4State Highway and Route337
Victory Blvd4State Highway and Route239
Martin Luther King Fwy S5State Highway and Route337
Turnpike Rd5State Highway and Route337
E Little Creek Rd2State Highway and Route165
W Little Creek Rd2State Highway and Route165
E 26th St4State Highway and Route247
E 27th St4State Highway and Route247
Hampton Blvd4State Highway and Route337
International Terminal Blvd4State Highway and Route406
Lafayette Blvd4State Highway and Route247
Tidewater Dr4State Highway and Route168
W 26th St4State Highway and Route247
W 27th St4State Highway and Route247
W Little Creek Rd4State Highway and Route165
Hampton Blvd5State Highway and Route337
Effingham St4State Highway and Route141
Elm Ave4State Highway and Route337
George Washington Hwy4State Highway and Route141
London Blvd4State Highway and Route141
Midtown Tunl E4State Highway and Route337
Midtown Tunl W4State Highway and Route337
VA-3374State Highway and Route337
VA-337 Alt4State Highway and Route337
Harbor Dr5State Highway and Route337
Boush St4State Highway and Route337
Park Ave4State Highway and Route166
Tidewater Dr4State Highway and Route337
Waterside Dr4State Highway and Route337
Poindexter St2State Highway and Route337
Poindexter St4State Highway and Route337
Truxton St4State Highway and Route337
Lasalle Ave4State Highway and Route167
Victoria Blvd4State Highway and Route143
N Armistead Ave4State Highway and Route134
E Pembroke Ave4State Highway and Route351
Fox Hill Rd4State Highway and Route169
N King St4State Highway and Route278
Pembroke Ave4State Highway and Route351
Lincoln St5State Highway and Route278
N King St5State Highway and Route278
Settlers Landing Rd2State Highway and Route143
W County St2State Highway and Route143
Eaton St4State Highway and Route278
S Armistead Ave4State Highway and Route134
E Mellen St2State Highway and Route143
Ingalls Rd2State Highway and Route143
S Mallory St2State Highway and Route143
VA-1432State Highway and Route143
Water St2State Highway and Route143
E Pembroke Ave4State Highway and Route169
N Mallory St4State Highway and Route169
Old Buckroe Rd4State Highway and Route169
Admiral Taussig Blvd4State Highway and Route337
Admiral Taussig Blvd S4State Highway and Route337
Chesapeake Blvd4State Highway and Route194
Chesapeake Blvd5State Highway and Route194
VA-1650State Highway and Route165
VA-1652State Highway and Route165
Campostella Rd4State Highway and Route168
E Indian River Rd4State Highway and Route407
E Princess Anne Rd4State Highway and Route166
Chesapeake Blvd4State Highway and Route247
Sewells Point Rd4State Highway and Route194
E Little Creek Rd4State Highway and Route165
E Little Creek Rd4State Highway and Route170
N Military Hwy4State Highway and Route165
Independence Blvd4State Highway and Route225
Kempsville Rd4State Highway and Route165
N Witchduck Rd2State Highway and Route190
S Witchduck Rd2State Highway and Route190
N Witchduck Rd4State Highway and Route190
Pembroke Blvd4State Highway and Route190
S Independence Blvd4State Highway and Route225
S Witchduck Rd4State Highway and Route190
Witchduck Rd N4State Highway and Route190
Princess Anne Rd4State Highway and Route165
Holland Rd4State Highway and Route410
Lynnhaven Pkwy4State Highway and Route414
S Independence Blvd4State Highway and Route410
N Great Neck Rd4State Highway and Route279
First Colonial Rd4State Highway and Route408
Pacific Ave4State Highway and Route149
General Booth Blvd4State Highway and Route149
N Landing Rd4State Highway and Route165
Princess Anne Rd4State Highway and Route149
VA-1983State Highway and Route198
Occohannock Neck Rd4State Highway and Route183
Buckley Hall Rd5State Highway and Route14
Cricket Hill Rd5State Highway and Route223
Main St5State Highway and Route14
New Point Comfort Hwy5State Highway and Route14
Old Ferry Rd5State Highway and Route223
Rte-6335State Highway and Route633
VA-145State Highway and Route14
VA-1985State Highway and Route198
VA-2235State Highway and Route223
Belle Haven Rd3State Highway and Route178
King St3State Highway and Route181
Main St3State Highway and Route178
Shields Bridge Rd3State Highway and Route178
Quinby Bridge Rd4State Highway and Route182
James Madison Hwy2US Highway15
James Monroe Hwy2US Highway15
John Mosby Hwy2US Highway50
Lee Hwy2US Highway29
Orby Cantrell Hwy1US Highway23
US-231US Highway23
US-23 N1US Highway23
US-23 S1US Highway23
Cumberland Ave2US Highway58
E 5th St S2US Highway23
E Morgan Ave2US Highway421
E Morgan Ave2US Highway58
Gilley Ave E2US Highway23
Jones St2US Highway58
Main St2US Highway58
Morgan Ave2US Highway58
Old Hwy 58A2US Highway58
Old Zion Rd2US Highway421
Pennington Gap Hwy2US Highway58
US-23 Bus2US Highway23
US-4212US Highway421
US-582US Highway58
US-58 Alt2US Highway58
W Morgan Ave2US Highway58
Wood Ave E2US Highway58
Wood Ave W2US Highway58
Woodway Rd2US Highway421
E 5th St N3US Highway58
E Main St3US Highway58
Kent Junction Rd3US Highway58
Park Ave NW3US Highway58
Park Ave SW3US Highway58
Roaring Branch Rd3US Highway58
W Main St3US Highway58
Dryden Loop4US Highway58
Old Hwy 58A4US Highway58
Seminary Church Loop4US Highway58
US-58 Bus5US Highway58
Hilton Rd2US Highway421
E Jackson St3US Highway23
Kane St3US Highway23
Terrace Ave3US Highway23
US-23 Bus3US Highway23
W Jackson St3US Highway23
Bull Run Rd2US Highway58
Front St W2US Highway58
Norton-Coeburn Rd2US Highway58
Park Ave NE2US Highway58
Esserville Rd3US Highway23
Norton Rd3US Highway23
Park Ave NE3US Highway23
Park Ave NE3US Highway58
W Main St3US Highway23
Wise Norton Rd3US Highway23
US-192US Highway19
Commonwealth Ave2US Highway11e
Cumberland St2US Highway421
Euclid Ave2US Highway11
Euclid Ave2US Highway11W
Euclid Avenue Ext2US Highway11
Gate City Hwy2US Highway421
Goode St2US Highway421
Lee Hwy2US Highway11
Martin Luther King Jr Blvd2US Highway421
Piedmont Ave2US Highway421
Main St2US Highway460
N Main St2US Highway460
Riverside Dr2US Highway460
US-4602US Highway460
Indian Creek Rd3US Highway23
Main St3US Highway23
Front St2US Highway460
Governor G C Peery Hwy2US Highway460
Governor G C Peery Hwy E2US Highway460
Governor G C Peery Hwy W2US Highway460
Trail of the Lonesome Pne2US Highway19
2nd St3US Highway460
Cedar Valley Dr3US Highway460
Front St3US Highway460
Cummings St2US Highway58
E Main St2US Highway11
Green Spring Rd2US Highway58
Jeb Stuart Hwy2US Highway58
Porterfield Hwy2US Highway19
Porterfield Hwy2US Highway58
US-112US Highway11
W Main St2US Highway11
US-19 N2US Highway19
US-19 S2US Highway19
E Main St3US Highway19
US-19 Bus3US Highway19
W Main St3US Highway19
E Lee Hwy2US Highway11
Douglas Dr2US Highway58
E 3rd St2US Highway58
E Laurel Ave2US Highway58
Highlands Pkwy2US Highway58
W Laurel Ave2US Highway58
W Lee Hwy2US Highway11
High St2US Highway250
US-2202US Highway220
US-2502US Highway250
Troutdale Hwy2US Highway58
N Main St2US Highway11
S Main St2US Highway11
Grayson Rd2US Highway21
Grayson Tpke2US Highway21
N 4th St2US Highway21
N 4th St2US Highway52
US-522US Highway52
W Main St2US Highway21
E Main St2US Highway221
Elk Creek Pkwy2US Highway21
N Independence Ave2US Highway21
New River Pkwy2US Highway221
S Independence Ave2US Highway221
W Main St2US Highway58
Wilson Hwy2US Highway58
Main St2US Highway52
N Scenic Hwy2US Highway52
S Scenic Hwy2US Highway52
Virginia Ave2US Highway19
Clearfork Rd3US Highway19
E Fincastle St3US Highway19
Broad St2US Highway11
Federal St2US Highway219
Lee Hwy N2US Highway11
US-460 E2US Highway460
US-460 W2US Highway460
Virginia Ave2US Highway219
Virginia Ave2US Highway460
N Main St3US Highway460
River Rd3US Highway460
US-460 Bus3US Highway460
Wenonah Ave3US Highway460
Carrollton Pike2US Highway221
E Stuart Dr2US Highway221
Grayson Pkwy2US Highway221
Fort Chiswell Rd2US Highway52
Poplar Camp Rd2US Highway52
5th St NE2US Highway11
Floyd Pike2US Highway221
N Washington Ave2US Highway11
S Washington Ave2US Highway11
Wysor Rd2US Highway11
Danville Pike2US Highway58
E Stuart Dr2US Highway58
Fancy Gap Hwy2US Highway52
N Main St2US Highway52
S Main St2US Highway52
W Stuart Dr2US Highway221
Midland Trl2US Highway60
Botetourt Rd2US Highway220
E Madison St2US Highway220
Grafton St2US Highway220
Horse Mountain Vw2US Highway220
Hot Springs Rd2US Highway220
Main St2US Highway220
Market Ave2US Highway220
N Alleghany Ave2US Highway220
N Monroe Ave2US Highway60
S Alleghany Ave2US Highway220
S Lee Hwy2US Highway11
S Lee Hwy Connector2US Highway11
S Monroe Ave2US Highway60
E Ridgeway St3US Highway220
Keswick St3US Highway220
Main St3US Highway220
Main St3US Highway60
Ridgeway St3US Highway220
Rose Ave3US Highway220
Roxbury St3US Highway220
US-220 Bus3US Highway220
Verge St3US Highway220
W Ridgeway St3US Highway220
Al Philpott Hwy2US Highway58
Danville Pike SW2US Highway58
Floyd Hwy N2US Highway221
Floyd Hwy S2US Highway221
W Main St2US Highway221
Radford Rd2US Highway11
Radford St2US Highway11
Radford St NW2US Highway11
N Franklin St3US Highway460
Pandapas Pond Rd2US Highway460
S Main St3US Highway460
Roanoke Rd2US Highway11
Roanoke St2US Highway11
Apperson Dr2US Highway11
Bent Mountain Rd2US Highway221
E 4th St2US Highway11
E Main St2US Highway460
Electric Rd2US Highway11
N Electric Rd2US Highway11
Roanoke Blvd2US Highway11
S College Ave2US Highway11
S Colorado St2US Highway11
Shanks Cross Rd2US Highway11
Texas St2US Highway11
W 4th St2US Highway11
W Main St2US Highway460
Franklin Rd2US Highway220
Virgil H Goode Hwy2US Highway220
Brambleton Ave2US Highway221
Brambleton Ave SW2US Highway221
Franklin Rd SW2US Highway220
Franklin Rd SW3US Highway220
13th St SW2US Highway11
Brandon Ave SW2US Highway11
Brandon Ave SW2US Highway221
Grandin Rd SW2US Highway11
Main St SW2US Highway221
Melrose Ave NW2US Highway460
Memorial Ave SW2US Highway11
Brandon Ave SW4US Highway221
US-11 Alt5US Highway11
5th St SW2US Highway11
Campbell Ave SE2US Highway11
Campbell Ave SW2US Highway11
Elm Ave SE2US Highway221
Elm Ave SW2US Highway221
Orange Ave NE2US Highway460
Orange Ave NW2US Highway460
Salem Ave SE2US Highway11
Salem Ave SW2US Highway11
Williamson Rd NE2US Highway11
Williamson Rd SE2US Highway11
Williamson Rd SE2US Highway221
Williamson Rd NW2US Highway11
Orange Ave NE2US Highway221
Challenger Ave2US Highway221
Blue Ridge Blvd2US Highway221
Cloverdale Rd2US Highway220
Roanoke Rd2US Highway220
US-220 N2US Highway220
US-220 S2US Highway220
Williamson Rd2US Highway11
US-220 S4US Highway220
Blue Ridge Ave2US Highway221
Frontage Rd2US Highway11
Longwood Ave2US Highway221
Main St2US Highway11
N Bridge St2US Highway221
W Lynchburg Salem Tpke2US Highway221
E Main St3US Highway460
Greensboro Rd2US Highway220
US-58 Bus2US Highway58
US-58 E2US Highway58
US-58 W2US Highway58
Virginia Ave2US Highway220
Al Philpott Hwy3US Highway58
E Church St3US Highway58
Greensboro Rd3US Highway220
Memorial Blvd N3US Highway220
Memorial Blvd S3US Highway220
Starling Ave3US Highway58
US-58 Bus3US Highway58
Virginia Ave3US Highway220
Main St4US Highway220
Virgil H Goode Hwy N2US Highway220
Virgil H Goode Hwy S2US Highway220
N Main St3US Highway220
S Main St3US Highway220
A L Philpott Hwy2US Highway58
Martinsville Hwy2US Highway58
Martinsville Hwy5US Highway58
S Amherst Hwy1US Highway29
US-291US Highway29
US-29 Bus2US Highway29
Danville Expy N2US Highway29
Danville Expy N2US Highway58
Danville Expy S2US Highway58
Riverside Dr2US Highway58
US-29 Bus N2US Highway29
US-29 Bus S2US Highway29
US-29 N2US Highway29
W Main St2US Highway29
US-29 N1US Highway29
US-29 S1US Highway29
N Main St2US Highway29
Piney Forest Rd2US Highway29
Central Blvd2US Highway29
Central Blvd N2US Highway29
Central Blvd S2US Highway29
Memorial Dr2US Highway29
River St2US Highway360
S Boston Rd2US Highway360
Central Blvd S3US Highway29
Memorial Dr3US Highway29
Riverside Dr5US Highway58
S Boston Hwy2US Highway360
Main St3US Highway29
N Main St3US Highway29
S Main St3US Highway29
US-29 Bus3US Highway29
Philpott Rd2US Highway360
E Lynchburg Salem Tpke2US Highway460
Timberlake Rd2US Highway460
Boonsboro Rd2US Highway501
E Lynchburg Salem Tpke E2US Highway460
E Lynchburg Salem Tpke W2US Highway460
Forest Rd2US Highway221
Lee Jackson Hwy2US Highway501
US-29 Bus1US Highway29
Wards Rd1US Highway29
Lynchburg Expy N2US Highway501
US-501 N2US Highway501
US-501 S2US Highway501
Fort Ave3US Highway460
Timberlake Rd3US Highway460
Lakeside Dr2US Highway221
Lynchburg Hwy2US Highway501
Old Forest Rd2US Highway501
US-5012US Highway501
Boonsboro Rd3US Highway501
Rivermont Ave3US Highway501
Rivermont Ter3US Highway501
Lynchburg Expy N1US Highway29
Lynchburg Expy S1US Highway29
Fort Ave2US Highway221
Fort Ave2US Highway460
Kemper St2US Highway221
Oakley Ave2US Highway221
Campbell Ave3US Highway460
Campbell Ave3US Highway501
Kemper St3US Highway221
Langhorne Rd3US Highway501
US-2213US Highway221
12th St4US Highway221
Campbell Ave4US Highway501
Lynchburg Expy N1US Highway501
Lynchburg Expy S1US Highway501
Campbell Ave2US Highway460
Campbell Ave2US Highway501
Candlers Mountain Rd2US Highway501
S Amherst Hwy3US Highway29
Campbell Hwy2US Highway501
Richmond Hwy2US Highway460
Brookneal Hwy2US Highway501
Colonial Hwy2US Highway501
Farmville Hwy2US Highway15
Kings Hwy N2US Highway360
Kings Hwy S2US Highway360
Lynchburg Hwy E2US Highway460
Prince Edward Hwy2US Highway460
Prince Edward Hwy E2US Highway460
Prince Edward Hwy W2US Highway460
Richmond Hwy2US Highway60
US-152US Highway15
US-602US Highway60
Confederate Blvd3US Highway460
Pamplin Rd3US Highway460
Bill Tuck Hwy2US Highway360
Bill Tuck Hwy2US Highway58
Broad St2US Highway501
Center St2US Highway501
Halifax Rd2US Highway501
Huell Matthews Hwy2US Highway501
James D Hagood Hwy2US Highway360
John Randolph Blvd2US Highway360
Main St2US Highway501
Morton Ave2US Highway501
S Main St2US Highway501
Wilborn Ave2US Highway501
L P Bailey Memorial Hwy2US Highway501
Lusardi Dr2US Highway501
Lynchburg Ave2US Highway501
Kings Hwy2US Highway15
Kings Hwy2US Highway360
US-15 N2US Highway15
US-15 S2US Highway15
Church St3US Highway15
Four Locust Hwy3US Highway15
King St3US Highway15
Old Kings Hwy3US Highway15
US-15 Bus3US Highway15
Barnesville Hwy2US Highway15
College St2US Highway15
Highway Fifteen2US Highway15
Highway Fifty Eight2US Highway58
Beech Ave2US Highway501
E 29th St2US Highway60
E Midland Trl2US Highway60
E Nelson St2US Highway60
Glasgow Hwy2US Highway501
Lexington Tpke2US Highway60
Magnolia Ave2US Highway501
N Lee Hwy2US Highway11
Park Ave2US Highway501
RR 12US Highway60
W 29th St2US Highway60
W Nelson St2US Highway60
Jefferson St3US Highway11
N Jefferson St3US Highway11
N Main St3US Highway11
S Jefferson St3US Highway11
S Main St3US Highway11
White St3US Highway11
Lee Jackson Hwy2US Highway11
Stuarts Draft Hwy2US Highway340
Waynesboro Rd2US Highway340
Amherst Hwy N1US Highway29
Amherst Hwy S1US Highway29
N Amherst Hwy1US Highway29
E Lexington Ave2US Highway60
Shenandoah Mountain Dr2US Highway250
US-332US Highway33
Churchville Ave2US Highway250
Hankey Mountain Hwy2US Highway250
Commerce Rd2US Highway11
E Johnson St2US Highway250
Greenville Ave2US Highway11
Greenville Ave2US Highway250
Jefferson Hwy2US Highway250
N Augusta St2US Highway250
N New St2US Highway250
Richmond Ave2US Highway250
S Augusta St2US Highway250
S New St2US Highway250
N Augusta St3US Highway11
Augusta Ave2US Highway340
E Side Hwy2US Highway340
Eastside Hwy2US Highway340
S Eastside Hwy2US Highway340
Court Sq2US Highway33
E Market St2US Highway33
N Liberty St2US Highway11
N Valley Pike2US Highway11
Noll Dr2US Highway11
Rawley Pike2US Highway33
S Liberty St2US Highway11
S Valley Pike2US Highway11
Spotswood Trl2US Highway33
W Market St2US Highway33
4th St2US Highway340
N 5th St2US Highway340
N East Side Hwy2US Highway340
N Stuart Ave2US Highway340
S 3rd St2US Highway340
S Stuart Ave2US Highway340
Spotswood Trl E2US Highway33
US-3402US Highway340
E Main St3US Highway340
Old Spotswood Trl3US Highway33
US Highway BSN 3403US Highway340
US-340 Bus3US Highway340
W Main St3US Highway340
S East Side Hwy2US Highway340
Thomas Nelson Hwy1US Highway29
Thomas Nelson Hwy N1US Highway29
3 Notched Mountain Hwy2US Highway250
E Broad St2US Highway250
E Main St2US Highway250
E Main St2US Highway340
N Delphine Ave2US Highway340
Rockfish Gap Tpke2US Highway250
Rosser Ave2US Highway340
W Broad St2US Highway250
W Main St2US Highway250
W Main St2US Highway340
Monacan Trail Rd1US Highway29
Ivy Rd2US Highway250
250 Byp1US Highway250
US-2501US Highway250
US-250 E1US Highway250
US-250 W1US Highway250
Emmet St N2US Highway29
Ivy Rd3US Highway250
University Ave3US Highway250
9th St NE3US Highway250
E Market St3US Highway250
W Main St3US Highway250
Greenwood Rd2US Highway33
Mountain Rd2US Highway33
N Seminole Trl3US Highway29
Long St1US Highway250
Richmond Rd1US Highway250
E Main St2US Highway33
Louisa Rd2US Highway33
Richmond Rd2US Highway250
S Spotswood Trl2US Highway33
Three Notch Rd2US Highway250
W Main St2US Highway33
E High St3US Highway250
S Seminole Trl2US Highway29
Seminole Trl2US Highway29
Stanardsville Byp2US Highway33
Main St3US Highway33
Spotswood Trl3US Highway33
Germanna Hwy2US Highway522
James Monroe Hwy2US Highway29
James Monroe Hwy N2US Highway29
James Monroe Hwy S2US Highway29
N Main St2US Highway522
N Seminole Trl2US Highway29
S Main St2US Highway522
Sperryville Pike2US Highway522
W Evans St2US Highway522
Zachary Taylor Hwy2US Highway522
Brandy Rd3US Highway15
James Madison Hwy3US Highway15
N Main St3US Highway15
Caroline St2US Highway15
E Gordon Ave2US Highway15
Madison Rd2US Highway15
Martinsburg Ave2US Highway15
N James Madison Hwy2US Highway15
N Main St2US Highway15
S James Madison Hwy2US Highway15
S Main St2US Highway15
Caroline St3US Highway15
W Main St4US Highway15
US-5222US Highway522
Marsh Rd2US Highway17
James Madison St3US Highway15
N James Madison St3US Highway15
Remington Rd3US Highway15
S James Madison St3US Highway15
Jefferson Davis Hwy2US Highway1
Warrenton Rd2US Highway17
Lafayette Blvd3US Highway1
Cambridge St2US Highway1
Caroline St3US Highway1
Dixon St3US Highway1
Dixon St3US Highway17
Hanson Ave3US Highway1
Herndon St3US Highway1
Princess Anne St3US Highway1
Princess Anne St3US Highway17
Warrenton Rd3US Highway17
Mills Dr2US Highway17
Broad Street Rd2US Highway250
Maidens Rd2US Highway522
River Rd W2US Highway522
Sandy Hook Rd2US Highway522
Cross County Rd2US Highway522
E 1st St2US Highway522
Jefferson Hwy2US Highway33
Lois Ln2US Highway522
Mineral Ave2US Highway522
Pendleton Rd2US Highway522
US-12US Highway1
Washington Hwy2US Highway1
N Washington Hwy2US Highway1
S Washington Hwy2US Highway1
Staples Mill Rd2US Highway33
Brook Rd2US Highway1
Azalea Ave2US Highway1
Chamberlayne Ave2US Highway1
Chamberlayne Rd2US Highway1
Staples Mill Rd5US Highway33
Boydton Plank Rd2US Highway1
E Atlantic St2US Highway58
Governor Harrison Pkwy2US Highway58
Highway One2US Highway1
N Mecklenburg Ave2US Highway1
Piney Pond Rd2US Highway58
S Mecklenburg Ave2US Highway1
Theater Rd2US Highway1
W Danville St2US Highway1
Madison St3US Highway58
E Colonial Trail Hwy2US Highway460
Farmville Rd2US Highway15
Patrick Henry Hwy2US Highway360
Patrick Henry Rd2US Highway360
Prince Edward Hwy E2US Highway15
Prince Edward Hwy W2US Highway15
Sheppards Rd2US Highway15
US-3602US Highway360
Virso Rd2US Highway360
W Colonial Trail Hwy2US Highway460
E 3rd St3US Highway460
S Main St3US Highway15
W 3rd St3US Highway15
Anderson Hwy2US Highway60
E James Anderson Hwy2US Highway60
Main St2US Highway15
Oak St2US Highway15
W Patrick Henry Hwy2US Highway360
Goodes Bridge Rd3US Highway360
Colonial Trl2US Highway460
Colonial Trl E2US Highway460
Colonial Trl W2US Highway460
E Patrick Henry Hwy2US Highway360
E Virginia Ave2US Highway460
W Virginia Ave2US Highway460
2nd St NW3US Highway360
Church St3US Highway460
Cox Rd3US Highway460
Old Nottoway Rd3US Highway460
Second St NE3US Highway360
Cox Rd2US Highway460
Midlothian Tpke2US Highway60
Midlothian Tpke5US Highway60
Hull Street Rd2US Highway360
Forest Hill Ave2US Highway60
Semmes Ave2US Highway60
N Belvidere St2US Highway1
Cowardin Ave2US Highway1
Cowardin Ave2US Highway301
E Cary St2US Highway60
E Main St2US Highway60
Hull St2US Highway360
S 14th St2US Highway360
S 8th St2US Highway60
S 9th St2US Highway60
S Belvidere St2US Highway1
US-3012US Highway301
E Cary St4US Highway60
W Roanoke St2US Highway60
New Cox Rd2US Highway460
US-1 Conn2US Highway1
W Washington St2US Highway1
Governor Harrison Pkwy E2US Highway58
Governor Harrison Pkwy W2US Highway58
Christanna Hwy3US Highway58
Lawrenceville Plank Rd3US Highway58
N Hicks St3US Highway58
N Main St3US Highway58
S Hicks St3US Highway58
W Hicks St3US Highway58
Andrews Rd2US Highway301
Blue Star Hwy2US Highway301
Courtland Rd2US Highway58
N Main St2US Highway301
Pleasant Shade Dr2US Highway58
Pleasant Shade Rd2US Highway58
S Main St2US Highway301
Skippers Rd2US Highway301
Sussex Dr2US Highway301
W Atlantic St2US Highway58
E Atlantic St3US Highway58
W Atlantic St3US Highway58
E Lee Hwy2US Highway211
N Congress St2US Highway11
Old Valley Pike2US Highway11
S Congress St2US Highway11
US-2112US Highway211
W Main St3US Highway211
Lee Hwy2US Highway211
N Broad St2US Highway340
Stonewall Jackson Hwy2US Highway340
US-340N2US Highway340N
E Main St3US Highway211
N Broad St3US Highway340
S Broad St3US Highway340
US-2113US Highway211
Virginia Ave3US Highway340
E King St2US Highway11
N Massanutten St2US Highway11
Stover Ave2US Highway11
Valley Pike2US Highway11
W King St2US Highway11
Front Royal Pike2US Highway340
Front Royal Pike2US Highway522
Greenway Ave N2US Highway340
Greenway Ave S2US Highway340
John Mosby Hwy2US Highway17
John S Mosby Hwy2US Highway17
Lord Fairfax Hwy2US Highway340
Millwood Pike2US Highway17
N Commerce Ave2US Highway522
N Royal Ave2US Highway340
N Shenandoah Ave2US Highway340
Remount Rd2US Highway522
S Commerce Ave2US Highway522
S Royal Ave2US Highway340
Stonewall Jackson Hwy2US Highway522
W 14th St2US Highway340
Winchester Rd2US Highway340
Old Massies Corner Rd2US Highway522
Main St3US Highway211
Middle St3US Highway211
Warren Ave3US Highway211
N Frederick Pike2US Highway522
Northwestern Pike2US Highway50
US-502US Highway50
Martinsburg Pike1US Highway11
US-3401US Highway340
Amherst St2US Highway50
Apple Blossom Dr2US Highway17
Apple Blossom Dr2US Highway50
E Gerrard St2US Highway11
E Jubal Early Dr2US Highway17
E Piccadilly St2US Highway522
Fairmont Ave2US Highway522
Martinsburg Pike2US Highway11
Millwood Ave2US Highway17
N Braddock St2US Highway11
N Buckmarsh St2US Highway340
N Cameron St2US Highway11
N Loudoun St2US Highway11
S Braddock St2US Highway11
S Buckmarsh St2US Highway340
S Cameron St2US Highway11
Valley Ave2US Highway11
W Boscawen St2US Highway50
W Gerrard St2US Highway11
W North Ave2US Highway11
W Piccadilly St2US Highway522
Jefferson Pike1US Highway340
Lord Fairfax Hwy1US Highway340
Winchester Rd2US Highway17
Free State Rd3US Highway17
W Main St3US Highway17
Winchester Rd3US Highway17
James Madison Hwy2US Highway17
Lee Hwy2US Highway15
Broadview Ave2US Highway17
E Shirley Ave2US Highway17
Eastern Byp2US Highway15
Frost Ave2US Highway211
US-17 Conn2US Highway17
W Lee Hwy2US Highway17
W Lee Hwy2US Highway211
W Shirley Ave2US Highway17
Alexandria Pike3US Highway15
Blackwell Rd3US Highway15
Falmouth St3US Highway15
Main St3US Highway15
Waterloo St3US Highway211
E Washington St2US Highway50
John S Mosby Hwy2US Highway50
W Washington St2US Highway50
US-15 N1US Highway15
US-15 S1US Highway15
S King St2US Highway15
N King St3US Highway15
S King St3US Highway15
James Monroe Hwy3US Highway15
Lee Hwy5US Highway29
Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy5US Highway50
Fairfax Blvd2US Highway29
Fairfax Blvd2US Highway50
Main St2US Highway50
Arlington Blvd2US Highway50
Fairfax Cir2US Highway29
Richmond Hwy2US Highway1
Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy2US Highway50
S Washington St2US Highway29
N Washington St2US Highway29
Old Dominion Dr2US Highway29
Lee Hwy4US Highway29
Arlington Blvd1US Highway50
Francis Scott Key Brg2US Highway29
N Lynn St2US Highway29
US-292US Highway29
Jefferson Davis Hwy N2US Highway1
Jefferson Davis Hwy S2US Highway1
US-1 N2US Highway1
Jefferson Davis Hwy5US Highway1
N Henry St2US Highway1
N Patrick St2US Highway1
S Henry St2US Highway1
S Patrick St2US Highway1
County Dr2US Highway460
James Madison Pkwy2US Highway301
US-132US Highway13
Southampton Pkwy2US Highway58
S Crater Rd2US Highway301
General Mahone Hwy2US Highway460
N County Dr2US Highway460
S County Dr2US Highway460
Carrsville Hwy2US Highway258
E 2nd Ave2US Highway258
N Main St2US Highway258
S Main St2US Highway258
Smiths Ferry Rd2US Highway258
South St2US Highway258
Southampton Pkwy E2US Highway58
Southampton Pkwy W2US Highway58
US-2582US Highway258
Camp Pkwy3US Highway58
Camps Pkwy3US Highway58
Clay St3US Highway58
Jerusalem Rd3US Highway58
Main St3US Highway58
W 4th Ave3US Highway58
Meherrin Rd4US Highway58
Courtland Rd2US Highway301
Prince George Dr2US Highway301
2nd St2US Highway1
E Washington St2US Highway1
E Wythe St2US Highway1
N Adams St2US Highway1
S Adams St2US Highway1
S Sycamore St2US Highway301
W Wythe St2US Highway1
Winfield Rd2US Highway460
E Washington St3US Highway301
E Wythe St3US Highway301
Boulevard2US Highway1
E Broad St2US Highway60
E Grace St2US Highway360
E Main St2US Highway360
Fairfield Way2US Highway360
Government Rd2US Highway60
Mechanicsville Pike2US Highway360
Mechanicsville Tpke2US Highway360
N 17th St2US Highway360
N 18th St2US Highway360
N 25th St2US Highway60
N 36th St2US Highway60
Oliver Hill Way2US Highway360
Williamsburg Rd2US Highway60
E Williamsburg Rd2US Highway60
W Williamsburg Rd2US Highway60
Pocahontas Trl2US Highway60
Bypass Rd2US Highway60
Capitol Landing Rd2US Highway60
Page St2US Highway60
York St2US Highway60
Barhamsville Rd2US Highway60
Richmond Rd2US Highway60
Richmond Rd W2US Highway60
George Washington Memorial Hwy2US Highway17
US-172US Highway17
Main St3US Highway17
US-17 Bus3US Highway17
Warwick Blvd2US Highway60
J Clyde Morris Blvd2US Highway17
Holland Rd2US Highway58
Pruden Blvd2US Highway460
S Quay Rd2US Highway58
Walters Hwy2US Highway258
Whaleyville Blvd2US Highway13
Windsor Blvd2US Highway460
Carrsville Hwy3US Highway58
Holland Rd3US Highway58
Ruritan Blvd3US Highway58
Courthouse Hwy2US Highway258
E Windsor Blvd2US Highway460
General Mahone Blvd2US Highway460
N Prince St2US Highway258
S Prince Blvd2US Highway258
W Windsor Blvd2US Highway460
Bridge Rd2US Highway17
Carrollton Blvd2US Highway17
James River Brg2US Highway17
Nansemond Brg2US Highway17
Benns Church Blvd2US Highway258
Brewers Neck Blvd2US Highway258
Main St2US Highway258
Benns Church Blvd3US Highway258
Main St3US Highway258
S Church St3US Highway258
Jefferson Ave2US Highway17
Mercury Blvd2US Highway17
Mercury Blvd2US Highway258
W Mercury Blvd2US Highway17
23rd St2US Highway60
25th St2US Highway60
26th St2US Highway60
Huntington Ave2US Highway60
High St W2US Highway17
Western Branch Blvd2US Highway17
Airline Blvd2US Highway460
Airline Blvd2US Highway58
Carolina Rd2US Highway13
Constance Rd2US Highway460
E Constance Rd2US Highway460
Portsmouth Blvd2US Highway13
Portsmouth Blvd2US Highway460
S Main St2US Highway13
S Military Hwy2US Highway13
Southwest Suffolk Byp2US Highway13
W Constance Rd2US Highway460
W Constance Rd2US Highway58
W Military Hwy2US Highway13
W Military Hwy2US Highway460
W Washington St2US Highway58
Carolina Rd3US Highway13
E Washington St3US Highway13
Chamberlayne Rd2US Highway301
Hanover Courthouse Rd2US Highway301
Richmond Tpke2US Highway301
Fredericksburg Tpke3US Highway301
N Main St3US Highway301
S Main St3US Highway301
Richmond Hwy2US Highway360
Tidewater Trl2US Highway17
Richmond Tappahannock Hwy2US Highway360
A P Hill Blvd2US Highway301
Main St2US Highway301
Tidewater Trl3US Highway17
Fraley Blvd2US Highway1
Main St2US Highway1
N Main St2US Highway1
S Main St2US Highway1
N Church Ln2US Highway17
Northumberland Hwy2US Highway360
Queen St2US Highway360
Richmond Rd2US Highway360
S Church Ln2US Highway17
Tappahannock Blvd2US Highway17
US-17 Bus2US Highway17
US-3605US Highway360
Lankford Hwy2US Highway13
Coastal Blvd3US Highway13
Front St3US Highway13
Tasley Rd3US Highway13
US-13 Bus3US Highway13
George Washington Hwy S2US Highway17
Dominion Blvd S4US Highway17
US-174US Highway17
George Washington Hwy N2US Highway17
Bainbridge Blvd2US Highway460
Chesapeake Expy N4US Highway17
Dominion Blvd N4US Highway17
US-17 N4US Highway17
Frederick Blvd2US Highway17
High St2US Highway17
London Blvd2US Highway58
London Blvd4US Highway58
Church St2US Highway460
Granby St2US Highway460
Monticello Ave2US Highway460
Granby St5US Highway460
George Washington Hwy2US Highway17
Hampton Blvd2US Highway58
Martin Luther King Fwy N2US Highway58
Martin Luther King Fwy S2US Highway58
Midtown Tunl E2US Highway58
Midtown Tunl W2US Highway58
W Brambleton Ave2US Highway58
Midtown Tunl E4US Highway58
W Brambleton Ave4US Highway58
Campostella Rd2US Highway460
E Brambleton Ave2US Highway460
E Brambleton Ave2US Highway58
E Virginia Beach Blvd2US Highway58
Market St2US Highway460
Saint Pauls Blvd2US Highway460
US-460 Alt2US Highway460
US-460 Alt E2US Highway460
US-460 Alt W2US Highway460
E Brambleton Ave4US Highway460
22nd St2US Highway460
Liberty St2US Highway460
Poindexter St2US Highway460
Wilson Rd2US Highway460
Kecoughtan Rd2US Highway60
W Mercury Blvd2US Highway258
E Mercury Blvd2US Highway258
Settlers Landing Rd2US Highway60
W County St2US Highway60
Oconnor Cres2US Highway60
4th View St2US Highway60
E Ocean View Ave2US Highway60
W Ocean View Ave2US Highway60
N Military Hwy2US Highway13
N Military Hwy4US Highway13
Northampton Blvd4US Highway13
Northampton Blvd2US Highway13
Shore Dr2US Highway60
Virginia Beach Blvd2US Highway58
John A Lesner Brg2US Highway60
Laskin Rd2US Highway58
Virginia Beach Blvd3US Highway58
83rd St2US Highway60
Atlantic Ave2US Highway60
Pacific Ave2US Highway60
Atlantic Ave3US Highway60
Pacific Ave3US Highway60
5th St4US Highway60
Atlantic Ave4US Highway60
Pacific Ave4US Highway60
Courthouse Rd3US Highway13
N Bayside Rd3US Highway13
S Bayside Rd3US Highway13
Stone Rd3US Highway13
Lincoln Ave3US Highway13
Main St3US Highway13